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Q: How did electrons on Bohr's model move?
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Why did scientists revise bohrs model?

Scientists determined that electrons do not orbit the nucleus like planets. Instead, electrons can be anywhere in a cloud like region around the nucleus

What is Bohr atomic model name?

Neil Bohrs atomic model is simply called Bohrs model. It states that electrons have a certain amount of energy, so they must follow certain orbits. This is different from the modern atomic model.

What is the nickname for bohrs model of atoms?

the planetary model

What is Bohrs model an atom?

Spherical model of the atom explaining radiation.

How are emissions of radiation from an atom explained by Bohrs model?

Electrons absorb energy to make electrons move from an lower energy level to a higher energy level. This energy is released as some form of e-m radiation when the electron moves from the higher level to a lower energy level.

How was bohrs atomic model similar to Rutherford's model?


What was niel bohrs discovery?

The Bohr model!

Why could bohrs model be called the planetary model of the atom?

cleveland calvilers

Why was bohrs model accepted widely?

yep- pretty sure

In Bohr and model of the atom where are the electrons and protons located?

In this model, the electrons move or orbit around the protons that are at the center of the atom. Electrons move around the nucleus, which contains the proton, in orbits that have a definite size and energy.

Which model of the atom first proposed that electrons orbit the nucleus?

Now, an advanced model derived from the Niels Bohr theory.

what did bohrs model of the atom include that rutherfords model did not have?

Niels Bohr introduced the notion of electronic orbits.