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policy of mercantilism

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Q: How did english ideas about government and the economy influence life in the 13 colonies in the 1700s?
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How did English ideas about government and economy affect the colonies?

because of the taxes being paid and the voting rights

How did English political traditions influence the growth of representative government in the colonies?

Limited government and representative government are the two main elements of English political heritage that helped to develop representative governments in the American colonies. The Magna Carta, Petition of Right, and English Bill of Rights were all important documents that contributed to limited government in England and the colonies.

How did new France compare with the English colonies?

new France had more of a population and a better goverment not such a good economy though. and the english colonies had a good economy.

How did representative government begin in the English colonies?

The House of Burgesses determined that the English colonies would have a representative government. Does the person who asked this go to ESMS?

What is the main difference between who controlled the economy in the English colonies in America and the French Colonies in New France?


What was the economy like for the english colonies in the north?

England's economy, like that of most European powers, depended on trade

What was the economy like for the english colonies in the north-?

England's economy, like that of most European powers, depended on trade.

The English colonies were not founded by government but by?

Religious refugees.

What was the start of government in the English colonies?

act of toleration

How did the English bill of rights influence English government?

The English parliament's two chamber structure also influence colonial governments.

How did Spain and colony in New Mexico differ from its colonies in New Spain?

The government of Spain in the New World differed from that of the later British colonies in that it was closely micromanaged by the Spanish crown. Later British colonies allowed more self government.

What was adopted in the English in the 13 colonies?

The legal system, government structure, and English language were adopted in the English colonies in the 13 colonies. Additionally, religious practices carried over from England and influenced the culture in the colonies.