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Q: How did europeans benefit first nations?
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Were the Europeans and the First NAtions friends or enemies?

not all First Nations were allies of the Europeans. ex. the beothuk were hunted down by the Europeans for bounty because they didn't want to have the Europeans on their land.

Why did first nations help Europeans when they came to Canada?

The first nations helped the Europeans because it was good to trade with them to get metals for fur.

What did the europeans trade with the first nations?

It's generally agreed that the arrival of European settlers was of no benefit to the First Nations. They lost their land and often their lives too because of warfare, through starvation or most usually through diseases brought by Europeans, to which they had no resistance.

What relationship did first nations mohawk have with the environment?


How did the first nations help the french?

They did not kill them, as they did the first Europeans, the Vikings.

How did the french help the First Nations?

They did not kill them, as they did the first Europeans, the Vikings.

What was the relationship between the Europeans and the first nations people?

they traded and it was cool

What was the Europeans perspective of First Nations?

they thought they were savages and they didnt have a religon

How do first nations benefit from treaties?

so that way that can keep balance throughout the nations

Who were the people to set foot on Canada besides vikings and first nations?

That's simply, other then the Vikings and First Nations it was the Europeans.

How did the first nations help the europeans?

they were tour guides and helped europeans cure diesease and show the euros where the loads of resources were

What animals were introduced to first nations from eroupeans?

Horses were introduced to America by Europeans