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Q: How did fear of various groups affect government actions?
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How does the government control some actions of interest groups?

checking bank records

Interest groups are also called pressure groups mainly because?

They seek to put pressure on the government to affect political policies

What is a theory that recognizes that firms have relationships with many constituent groups which both affect and are affected by the actions of a firm?

Stakeholder theory

How did Truman's actions to give African Americans equality affect other groups?

1234 lol

What do you think in the problem of the various militant groups in Nigeria is it a problem of bad government?

Yes ofcus

Do Individual economic decisions have Macroeconomic implications?

The economic study of individual actions (and individual organizations actions) is Microeconomics. Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that studies the overall working of a national economy. While individual actions do affect the national economy, in general only large groups of individuals cn affect a national economy.

What were the events that lead to war in Cuba and the Philippines?

Various revolutionary groups were attempting to overthrow the Spanish government, form a government of their own and declare themselves independent from Spain.

How do you get in weggy?

Cuts in government funding for Medicaid and Medicare disproportionately affect members of racial and ethnic minority groups because

How does joining interest groups helped private citizens participate in their government?

citizens can affect policies without running for office

What groups wants government to take a significant role in American society?

A few are: communists, socialists, democrats, etc. On the other hand libertarians want total abolition of government and any controls on their actions.

A system of government by groups or officals?

A system of government by groups or officals?

What groups of people helped the people of the Great Depression?

Various individuals and groups of people. Also, the government.