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Q: How did government change as a result of they reform efforts?
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What event change the Republican Party's position on civil service reform?

The assassination of President James Garfield in 1881 played a significant role in changing the Republican Party's position on civil service reform. Garfield's assassination by a disgruntled office-seeker who was denied a government job exposed the corrupt and patronage-based system in place. As a result, Republicans recognized the need for merit-based selection and began supporting civil service reform efforts, culminating in the passage of the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act in 1883.

What was the direct result of Robert La Follette's political reform?

Voters got more involved in the government

Who were the main reformers who got the Great Reform Act passed?

The Great Reform Act of 1832 was passed as a result of the efforts of reformers led by Prime Minister Lord Grey. The act introduced wide changes to the electoral system of England and Wales.

What was the result of the vietnan war?

and how did change the US government

What happened with land reform during reconstruction?

During Reconstruction, there were efforts to address land reform in the South, specifically by redistributing land to formerly enslaved individuals. However, these efforts were largely unsuccessful due to political opposition, lack of resources, and the implementation of sharecropping systems that kept many African Americans in a cycle of debt and poverty. Overall, land reform during Reconstruction did not result in significant changes in land ownership patterns in the South.

What is the Great Reform Act?

The Great Reform Act was created to reform the electoral system of England and Wales. Efforts were made to make the elections of members of Parliament more fair. As a result a number of unnecessary seats in Parliament were reduced. Despite the reductions, there were also needed new seats created in both England and Wales.

What was a reform that occurred as a result of the Mexican Revolution?

One significant reform that occurred as a result of the Mexican Revolution was land redistribution. The revolution aimed to address the issue of land inequality, and as a result, the government implemented land reform policies to redistribute land from large landowners to peasants and small farmers. This reform sought to reduce social and economic disparities and promote greater equality in access to land and resources.

Is Obama Health taking over BIA health care?

By "Obama Health," I assume you mean, health insurance reform. The government will not be taking over any private insurance provider as a result of health insurance reform.

How did Europeans government's change as a result of the hundred years war?


How did European government change as a result of the Hundred Years' War?


What was the result of the change to Confucianism?

A civil service system for government workers began.

How did the people's thinking about their government change?

People believed that the government existed as the result of an agreement between the people and their leaders.