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contrast the social contract theory of government with the divine right theory. what type of government would result from each theory?

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Q: Contrast the social contract theory of government with the divine right theorywhat type of government would result from each theory?
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What is the difference between the divine right theory and the social-contract theory?

The divine right theory asserts that rulers derive their authority from God and are responsible only to God. In contrast, the social-contract theory posits that political authority is derived from an implicit agreement among individuals to form a society and abide by its rules, with the government serving the people's interests.

What was the theory of government origins that had little influence on the US plan of government was it force evolutionary divine rights or social contract?

Divine rights had little influence of the American system?

Four theories of the origins of government?

Evolution Theory, Force Theory, Divine Right Theory, Social Contract Theory

Which political philosopher said the divine rights theory wsa invalid and that instead a social contract existed between the people and their government?

John Locke

Which theory about the origins of government holds that government was created by divine power?

Divine Right Theory is the theory about the origins of government that it was created by divine power.

Of the four major theories of government only this one focuses on protecting the rights of the governed?

Social contract is the only government theory that focuses on protecting the rights of the governed. The other theories of government are divine right, force, and evolutionary.

How did Thomas Hobbes influence your government?

He had the government give the people peace and security.. He rejected the Divine Right of Kings and developed the phrase "Social COntract" to describe the relationship that people surrender some of their natural rights to a government in return security and peace.

How were the new ideas of the Age of Reason different from the old ideas of divine right?

The new ideas of the Age of Reason emphasized reason, science, and individual rights as the foundation for society and government, rather than divine right based on the authority of monarchs. These new ideas promoted the concept of natural rights and the social contract theory, which stated that government derived its legitimacy from the consent of the governed, not from divine authority.

What are four theories which explain the origins of a state?

The Force Theory: controlling an area and the people using force\ Evolutionary therory: governments evolved from the family, clan, tribes, etc. Divine Right: the right to rule is given by God Social contract theory: people give power to the government and have rights

What countries have a divine government?


What are the 4 theories of the source of government authority?

Divine Right Social Contract ( Most accepted theory) Family / Tribe / Clan (Most commonly called the Evolutionary Theory) Force (Theory)

What government was supported by divine right?