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Heqet arranged for Ranofer to secretly study goldsmithing at the house of Ibni, a skilled goldsmith. Ranofer would go to Ibni's house in the evenings after working at the stonecutter's shop. This way, Ranofer could continue learning the goldsmith trade without Master Gebu knowing.

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Q: How did heqet and Ranofer plan for Ranofer to continue learning the goldsmith trade even though he now works at the stonecutter's shop?
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How do heqet and ranofer plan for ranofer to continue working or learning how to work gold?

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Is Ranofer in the book the golden goblet learning to be a goldsmith?

Yes Ranofer is training to be a gold smtih but then his legal guardian Gabu makes him come work at the Rock smith instead

How will gebu react if he learns of what ranofer has done?

gebu will beat ranofer until he dies and he will not make ranofer apprentice him in the Goldsmith shop

Why does the ancient think Ranofer is silly for not wanting to be a stonecutters aprentice in the stor golden goblet?

The ancient thinks Ranofer is silly for not wanting to become a stonecutter's apprentice because it is a stable and respected profession that offers a secure future. Additionally, the ancient believes that Ranofer's desire to pursue his passion for creating beautiful things as a goldsmith is unrealistic given his current circumstances and lack of resources.

What street do Ranofer and Gebu live on in the 'Golden Goblet'?

Ranofer and Gebu live on the Street of the Crooked Dog. Also, if you wanted to know Zau the master goldsmith lives on the street of Good Fortune.

What happens in the 1 and 2 chapter in the golden goblet?

you should look up on google and search the golden goblet chapter:1

How does zau feel about ranofer and about ranofers father?

Zau sees Ranofer as a friend and values their companionship. He admires Ranofer's father for his skill as a master goldsmith, but feels betrayed when he learns about his involvement in illegal activities.

Who was ranofers father in the golden goblet and what was his occupation?

Ranofer's father in "The Golden Goblet" is Thutra. He is a goldsmith who is known for creating exquisite jewelry and precious ornaments. Thutra's skill as a goldsmith plays a significant role in the story's plot and Ranofer's character development.

What is the golden goblet that ranofer finds in gebus room?

He was a porter for Rekh the goldsmith. Then, later in the book he becomes Gebu's stonecutting apprentice. :) In the begginning, Ranofer was a porter for Rekh the goldsmith, then he became Gebu the stonecutter's apprentice, also his half brother, and in the end he becomes Zau's the Master goldsmith's apprentice.

Who is Ranofer in the book Golden Goblet?

Ranofer is a young boy with a villain older step brother Gebu who is constantly beating him violently. Ranofer is also the son of Thutra, the goldsmith that had passed away. Now Ranofer is forced to do whatever Gebu orders him to do, including working at the stonecutting shop

Who is Zau from the golden goblet?

Zau is the master goldsmith that Ranofer, the main character, wished of being apprenticed under.

In the golden Goblet Why does Ranofer discorage the affection and interest of Rekh the goldsmith and Heqet the apprentice?

Rekh lets Ranofer style gold necklaces with leaves ( the one with 50 beads) Hope i helped :)