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How did hiltler come to power?

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Hitler came to have power over Germany during the time of the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty blamed Germany for many things. Germany went through economic crisis and became weak. That's when Hitler took the chance to take over and create a "master race"

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Who was hiltler?

HE WAS A preist

Did hiltler have any children?


Did Hiltler have a daughter?

Hitler had no children.

Does Hitler have sisters or brothers?

Yes Adolf Hiltler did have a sister Jedsaoso Hitler. Yes Adolf Hiltler did have a sister Jedsaoso Hitler.

Who hoped to reform the Church of England?


Where did hiltler kill himself?

In his underground bunker in Berlin.

Is hiltler dead?

Yes. He killed himself at the end of WWII.

Why did the invasion of Normandy happen when it did?

Hiltler was trying for world domanation

How many Jewish people did hiltler kill?

About 6 million

Why did Adolf Hitler relocate Jews to Ghettos?

because he was hiltler.

Who was responsible for the deaths during the holocaust?

Adolf Hiltler & the Nazis

What is the name of Hiltler' s foster child?

Ofek Samsonov

Who was the leader of Nazis during World War 2?

Adolf Hiltler

Adolf Hitler was born in what state?

Adolf Hiltler was born in Austria--Hungary

How did hiltler kill the Jews?

He killed many Jew's by putting them in gas chambers.

Did Adolf Hiltler have psychological problems?

For starters, he was one of the earliest known addicts of methamphetamine.

What did Hiltler do during the first world war?

He served in the German army. Got to the rank of corporal.

Was hiltler Jewish?

There was never any evidence to prove he was Jewish or not,Nobody would dare ask.

What dictators ruled during the great depression?

Stalin (USSR), Hiltler (Germany), and Mussolini (Italy).

How did the oath of loyalty from the army help Hitler rise to power?

hitler took over the army with the help of the ss as hiltler killed ernest rohm who was the leader of the SA. Hitler then gave them the oath that they will respect hitler and help him in the battles that they declared to fight on. hitler did this as he had most power.

Did adolf hiltler hide from the Germans after world war 2?

No, he committed suicide before WW2 ended.

Was hiltler born in the First World war?

No he was born before that. He was born in 1889.... Hope this helps xx

What was the importance of Adolf Hiltler in World War 2?

to kill all the jews, and take over the world.

When did the first Germans open the first concentration camp where was it located?

It was Hiltler who told them to do was located at Dachau.

Who is Ferdinand Magellan?

Bill Clinton Adolf Hiltler Indians Hippies Elvis Presly All Transfestites