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Jesus came to bring the Good News (Gospel) of the Kingdom of God and to amend and enlarge the written law due to the better Covenant, as well as explain the spiritural components of said law. He did not destroy it !!! Amendments needed to end sacrifices and Levitical priesthood as Christ became all mankinds sacrifice for sin and is our High Priest forever.

He also came to reveal the Father who no one knew up to then. To establish the ONE Church of God in which He was the Eternal High Priest. Finally, He suffered cruelly and died. His Father resurrected Him as the 1st of many brethren to come into God's Family. His sacrifice was found acceptable for sin.

Jesus is the Head of the Church. Other men throughout history have changed/influenced its original structure and Law. Simply compare the life of Jesus and His Apostles to any Christian Church today. You will see many differences in the myriad of sects that I dub the 'rainbow coalition of Christianity' or in short, 'Churchianity.'


Christ was the long-awaited Messiah of the Old Covenant and fulfilled it. Without Christ there would be no Christianity: Full stop.

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How did Jesus Christ help form Christianity?

If Jesus Christ had not died on the cross or not have been resurrected there would be no Christianity. Jesus Christ is Christianity. Christ ---ianity.

How does the study of Jesus' life and death help people understand Christianity?

Christianity is based on Jesus' life and death and resurrection. Without knowing why Jesus lived died and rose again your understanding of Christianity would be very limited

Who were the disciples of Jesus who spread Christianity for 30 years?

Primarily it was the 12 Apostles of Jesus and other disciples who help these.

Is Christianity based on the life of Jesus?

Yes. Christianity is based on what you believe about Jesus such as if you believe Jesus is the Son of God, that He died for the sins you have committed, and that you can live the way Jesus wants you to live if you ask Him to come into your heart and help you be true to Him. Christianity is the desire to live as much like Jesus lived as possible. It is based on what Jesus can do in your life, if you allow Him into your heart.

Where is the place of Christianity?

Christians worship in churches. Christianity spread throught the world with the help of the Roman Empire, but It originated with Jesus in Isreal.

Please help me What do you see as the influence of Christianity in the development of modern nursing?

i hindu

What are the health and medical beliefs in Christianity?

Christians belive that no matter what may happen to them Jesus Christ himself can help them. they think that Jesus and god can help them with all there troubles and worries.

What religion is prominent throughout Latin America?


What do you do as a Missionary?

help people who r not christian learn about god and jesus and christ and other things about christianity

What does Christianity about the holy spirit?

As jesus left the earth he told the disciples that he would send the comforter, in his place to guide and help the disciples.the holy spirit is there to help us.

Disciple of Jesus who helped spread Christianity?

There were many who followed Christ and help spread the word, far too many to name.

Who helped spread Christianity around the world when Jesus was executed?

The apostles of Jesus Christ help spread what was later called Christianity. At first people such as the Romans and others considered the apostles and what they taught to be a Jewish sect. By the end of the 1st century it was clear that it was not a sect, but a different religion.

How did Rome help spread Christianity?

Early Christian concept of God (Jesus) had a lot in common with one of the Roman gods. For this reasons the Romans didn't have a problem with the Christians. When the Roman Emporer Constantinople Converted to Christianity it opened a big path for the spread of Christianity.

How did the apostles help spread Jesus teachings?

After the death of Jesus Christ, the apostles spread the word of God. Peter went to Rome and Thomas came to India, Paul was greatly responsible for spreading Christianity.

How does Christianity influence its followers?

Christians should do the things Jesus Christ taught us to do. We should show, Love, Joy, Peace, help others, lead the lost to Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit so that He may impart Gifts upon us and be the Light of the World, Salt of the Earth

What does a Christian pilgrimage do to you?

A Christian pilgrimage is meant to help the believer to strengthen their faith and learn more about Christianity. Also, the Christian seeks to have a personal encounter with Jesus.

What did Nicodemus have to do with the crucifixion of Jesus?

Nicodemus being a secret follower of Christ did not have any influence over the crucifixion of Christ, although he opposed it.He did however help Joseph of Arimathea prepare the body of Jesus for burial.

How might Jesus' healings influence Chrisitans today?

It could have an influence on them to help others and become another person. They also might inspire young people to go out of their way or help people. It also shows Christians today that they can be healed of whatever ails them.

After the fall of the Roman Empire how did monasteries help to continue the spread of Christianity?

because they help people join the christianity religion.

How did the disciples help Jesus?

What jesus wanted them to do

What is the biography of the Virgin Mary before Jesus?

Little reliable information exists about the life of Mary before she gave birth to Jesus. Catholic Tradition says that her parents were named Anne and Joachim and she was probably an only child, being born fairly late in Anne's life. Wwe know that she traveled from Nazareth to near Jesusalem to help her cousin Elizabeth in her late stages of pregnancy with John the Baptist. She was betrothed to Joseph and married him. They traveled the 90 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem to register in the census in the ancestral home of Joseph. It was there that Jesus was born.

How did the Jesus life and death help people understand Christianity?

it helped them understand Christianity because if theres a christian from the past or from that generation u can just ask them and i bet u they would tel u wut happened from the beginning,so ask a christian.

How did Rome's persecution of Christian's help Christianity grow and spread?

Persecution occurred off and on over two centuries until 313 AD when Constantine came into power. The persecution did influence the development of Christianity and shaping the theology and structure of the church. Many saints cults were also a by product which may have helped the rapid spread of Christianity.

How did favourable conditions in the roman empire help in the spread and growth of Christianity?

how did favourable conditions in the roman empire help in the spread of Christianity

Was Bible revealed to Jesus in the form of a book?

no , it is written by help of holy spirit no , it is written by help of holy spirit. no , it is written by help of holy spirit. jesus no , it is written by help of holy spirit. jesus our