How did john wesley found Methodist?

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John Wesley Methodist Church was created in 1820.

John Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church was created in 1899.

John Wesley Lord, Bishop of the United Methodist Church from 1948 to 1972, was indeed a Freemason. John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Movement, was not a Freemason.

The Methodist religion was founded by John Wesley

john wesley created it

The best answer to this question is probably 1784, when John Wesley ordained Dr. Thomas Coke to go to America and preach.

The Methodist Church was founded by John Wesley in the 1550-1940 when the church retreats from secular power and continues to fragment. John Wesley believed that the people should carry god and the church though out their lives and day.

No. He was founder of the Methodist movement/Church.

No. John Wesley Powell was an American explorer., not the founder of the Methodist church. He did not conserve slavery.

The Methodist Church was founded by John Wesley, Charles Wesley, and George Whitefield. They were teased for being so "methodical" in their Bible studies, which is what gave the church the name "Methodist".

John Wesley is the founder of Methodist Christianity religion and this AME Zion church is not his own making.

George John Stevenson has written: 'From Epworth To London With John Wesley' 'Memorials of the Wesley family' -- subject(s): Methodism, History 'The Methodist Hymn Book' -- subject(s): Hymns, Methodist

The Methodist church is a type of Christianity that was founded by John Wesley started as a bible study from the Church of England

John Wesley ordained the first Methodist preachers to go to America.

John Wesley was very methodical in his approach to Bible study, prayer and worship. From this he was called a methodist.

John Wesley is attributed to founding Methodist, and possibly Wesleyan denominations.

John Wesley is recognized as the founder of the Methodist Church. His brother, Charles Wesley, wrote more thatn 9000 hymns and songs for the church.

John Wesley contributed to history by founding the Methodist Church. This church focused on social justice, sharing the word of God, and praising God. These traditions are still alive today in the United Methodist church.

John Wesley founded Arminian Methodism and George Whitfield founded Calvinistic Methodism. The Methodism of which we are familiar today stems from John Wesley.

Francis Asbury was sent by John Wesley to America in 1771 to establish churches and Bible studies on the frontier.

Jesus Christ is the founder of all churches. Each may have someone that was significant in forming the church. For Methodist it was John Wesley.

John Wesley was not a puritan. When he was growing up and as he started his ministry he was a part of the Church of England. He left the church of England and founded the United Methodist Church.

First off, Methodism is NOT a religion. It is a denomination of the Christian religion. Secondly, his name was John Wesley, not John Wesley Turner. John Wesley did not originally mean to establish a new denomination, he just wanted to make the Anglican Church more evangelical.

The Methodist movement within the Anglican church was started by John and Charles Wesley while they were students.

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