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He worked with Lane and they made a lemonade stand to do most of the process and they got everything they needed and at the campaign night they won.

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Q: How did judson moon become president?
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Was lane brainard in the kid who became president the secretery of defense?

No, he was the chief of staff. Judson Moon was the President.

Who is Judson Moon?

Judson Moon is a boy who seems to be running for president.His buddy Lane is helping him to do the campaign so he could be elected.Plus he needs to do a lot of things before he could do that. Thats from the book the Kid Who Ran for President. There is also a real person named Judson Moon, an eye doctor/optometrist from Haddonfield NJ that author Dan Gutman knows.

The Kid Who Became President?

"The Kid Who Became President" is a comedic children's novel written by Dan Gutman, where a 12-year-old child named Judson Moon becomes the President of the United States after a joke campaign. The story explores themes of youth empowerment, leadership, and the importance of standing up for what you believe in.


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