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Q: How did king David contribute to the development of Jerusalem?
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What was Israel's new capital when David was king?


What country did King David live in?

King David lived in jerusalem, Israel.

What did king Solomon do in Jerusalem?

King Solomon the son of King david built the great temple in Jerusalem.

Who is The King who brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem?

King David.

Which king made Jerusalem the religious capital?

King David

What Israelite captured Jerusalem?

King David.

Was king david the king of Jerusalem?

David was anointed King of Judah...See 2nd Samuel, Chapter 2.

Who was the king that made Jerusalem the capital of Ancient Israel?

King David.

What city king David establish as the capital city for the israelites?

Jerusalem. King David's kingship is now doubted. Until there is a King David as written in the Bible is established, we cannot give a factual answer to your question see link "King David and Jerusalem: Myth and Reality

Who administers the Tomb of King David in Jerusalem?


What was Israels new capital when David was king?


Where did king David?

He was ruling from Jerusalem when he died, so he probably died in his palace at Jerusalem.