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Q: How did lupita get from tijuana to colton in the book lupita manana?
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How did lupita manana get her nickname in the book lupita manana?

She would always say tomorrow ("mañana") on everything she was ask to do.

What is lupitas fathers name in lupita manana?

In the book "Lupita Manana," Lupita's father's name is Papa Hernando Torres (Sr.), he drowns at sea while fishing.

What are the characters in the book Lupia Manana?

Lupita Manana is a book that tells the story of a Mexican family that immigrates to the United States. The main characters in the book are Lupita, her mother, and her younger brothers and sisters.

What happened in chapter 6 of lupita manana?

read the book

How old is Salvador Torres in the book Lupita Manana?

15 years old

How long is the book lupita manana?

186 pages long, it is worth the read

Why do people want to cross the border in the book called Lupita Manana?

Lupita's father recently died, leaving the family in poverty. They need to cross the border in order to make a living again.

What character opposes the main character Lupita Manana?

I think its La Migra. Because they have in the summary on the back of the book saying "A new language, hard labor, and a constant threat of LA MIGRA"

What happened in the end of the book Lupita manana?

they win

What has the author Colton Storm written?

Colton Storm has written: 'Invitation to book collecting'

What has the author Charles Joseph Colton written?

Charles Joseph Colton has written: 'Poems' -- subject(s): Accessible book

Is there a movie to the book secret journal of Brett colton?

no not yet at least