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he did'nt she inspired him

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Previous black civil rights leaders such as Booker T Washington inspired Martin Luther king Jr.He was also inspired by Mahatma Gandhi.he was inspired by both gandhi and rosa parksgandhi;he believed in non violence and so did martin luther kingrosa parks;they were both in civil rights and one day rosa didnt give up her seat for a white person and was jailed for it this inspired martin luther king to stand up to them

He organized it and inspired everyone to keep going.

Rosa Parks met Martin Luther King Jr during August of 1955.

Rosa parks worked for the supreme court justice league

Martin Luther King Jr. did not marry Rosa Parks. He married Coretta Scott and had 4 children.

Rosa Parks contemporaries were Martin Luther King and Clifford and Virginia Durr .

what inspired rosa parks?

Rosa Parks was in the boycott with Martin Luther King Jr.

she like she inspired him because like she was a women and not famous and he wasn't to. so she like inspired him to make a change...

Martin Luther King. MLK was assassinated on April 4, 1968 Rosa Parks died on October 24, 2005

Martin Luther King, Jr. was the President of the Montgomery Improvement Association. This group led the Montgomery Bus Boycott after Rosa Parks was arrested.

No Rosa parks isn't related to martin Luther king. she was the one who sat on the white persons seat in the bus. This started the bus boycott.

Rosa Parker inspired Martin Luther King Jr. to become a minister.

rosa parks is an ugly girl who farts

Rosa Parks fought for black rights, and martin fought for all races

Dr. martin Luther King JR.

Martin Luther King Jr.

martin Luther king jr and Rosa parks

Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks believed that black and whites can be equal. Rosa Parks got arrested for not giving up her seat so a white man can sit down because she was tired. Martin Luther King give his"I have a dream" speech.

Rosa parks and mather luther king jr i saw two pictures of him in peson and with rosa parks know one never knew & there not fake pictures.Cause rosa parks try to change color of scins marther luther king gave it shot to help rosa parks.☺+☻=peace

Martin Luther King Jr. , and E.D Nixon

Rosa Parks (The Bus Boycott)

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