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contact between Europe , china and other country

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Q: How did mongols incresa contact with the rest of the world?
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What reigion has had an important influence on Russia's heritage?

Mongols They invaded Russia and delayed their development. Russia was seperated from the rest of the world because of the invasion. It resulted in Russia developing later than other countries because it could not maintain contact with other countries.

Why was India limited in contact with the rest of the world?

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The Byzantine Empire lasted a long time because it?

had little contact with the rest of the world.

Did ancient china had frequent contact with the rest of the world?

yes the Chinese were isolated from other civilizations.

What was the mongols impact on china?

the mongols conquered china and created a new dynasty that tried to conquer Japan and began trading with the rest of asia.they destroyed ancient irrigation systems and even they adopted aspects of the culture of the people they ruled.

Why did the Chinese withdraw from contact with the rest of the world?

During the Ming? A combination of nonstop piracy from Japan which lead to the forced abandonment of the coasts, and the ascendancy of a new group of regressive Confucian scholars at the court. They believed that foreign influences were polluting, and so they decided that contact with the rest of the world was unnecessary

How did the rest of the world join the Olympics?

The rest of the World joined the Olympics through the integration of the National Olympic Committee (Noc) which led to the rest countries coming in contact with each other. The peace that radiates in the Olympics is that which the world needs to keep it united irrespective of level of economy, class and standard.

When was Korea dominated?

Dominated by who or what? The Japanese did make it a colony for about 35 years (1910-1945) and it was a vassal state to the mongols. It was pretty independent for the rest of its history

Why was China isolated from the rest of the world?

China isolated itself from the rest of the world during certain periods in its history, such as the Ming and Qing dynasties, due to a belief in their own cultural superiority and a desire to maintain strict control over their society. The government enforced strict trade regulations and limited foreign interactions to protect Chinese traditions and values.

Why did Japan end 200 years of seclusion?

they made contact for the rest of the world to see. they thought they were the only beings in existence until they came out of hiding.

Where is antarctica to the rest of the world?

Antarctica is south of the rest of the world.

What is the population of the Amazon Awa tribe?

ok i have herd that the population is 5 people