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The largest group was gassed in extermination camps.

Many Jews were killed in mass open-air shootings. Other Jews were sent to extermination camps (death camps). Many were gassed on arrival and other were worked to death. And the Jews would be starved, frozen, or shot on the spot.

Many died of starvation and/or disease in ghettos and camps.

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Which war did more people die in World War 1 or World War 2?

world war 2 kid, think about it, Jews, lots and lots of Jews...

What was World War 2 over?

because Hitler wanted the Jews to die

How did most soldiers die in World War I?


Did more Jews or Germans die in World War 2?

The question seems rather odd, as the war was not fought between Germans and Jews ... However, the number of Germans who were killed in World War 2 is estimated at about 7.2 million, and the number of Jews killed at about 6 million. However, I really do not see the relevance of the comparison.

Where did most soldiers die in world war 2?


How did the Nazis use antisemitism in World War 2?

They put Jews in camps where they where sent to die, just because they were Jewish.

What recent war did the most Americans die besides World War 2 and civil war?

probably the Vietnam war

Where did the most US soldiers die in World War 1?


What wars did the most people die in?

World War II (73,000,000) and American Civil War (620,000)

What happened if you hid in world war 2?

you would most likely die

What are the three things that Nazis forced the Jews to do during the war?

1.die 2.die 3.die

How did people in Hull die in world war 2?

Hull was one of the most frequently and severely bombed cities in Britain in World War 2.

Did most of the people die or did they cure from leukemia of World War 2?

No cure for leukemia

Where did the most Jews die?

The Most number of Jews died were at Auschwitz II aka Birkenau with a total of 1.4 million deaths.

What was the fate of the Jews in Krakow?

most of them would die in the Holocaust.

How did Jews die?

Jews have died in all sorts of ways, but most commonly from age, disease, or murder.

German meal of sawdust and bread for World War 1?

The Germans Fed the sawdust bread to the Jews. They didn't eat it themselves. the fed it to the Jews because it did not have a lot of calories in it so they would probably die of starvation.

In what war did the most US soldiers die?

The US Civil War (620,000 US deaths). World War II (417,000 US deaths)

What day in World War 1 did most people die?

25 million people died

How hard is it to die in Call of Duty World at War?

It is very easy to die in call of duty world at war.

Who was the second person to die in World War 2?

the second person to die in world war 2 was your mum

Do Jews hate Croatians?

No, one of the highest awards bestowed upon a gentile was given to Cardinal Alojz Stepinac, Archbishop of Zagreb Croatia during World War II. ____ That was before they found out that he was involved in killing of 50.000 Jews

Did more humans die in world war 2 or the civil war?

World War 2

Why did Adolf Hitler think the Jews should die?

Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany's losing the First World War. He also considered them members of a cosmopolitan intelligentsia whose ideals were against the militaristic ideals of Hitler's ideology.

What was a extermiation camp?

A extermination camp was in war war 2. Hitler sent Jews and unperfect people there. When they got there they were instintly killed inless the were choosen to work by there imperance or strength. Adolf Hitler hated Jews and unperfect people. if he was still around most of you and everybody would die. Or if you were strong enough you would work intill you die.

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