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when Danny cunliffe lit it with his hair

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When did Mount StHelens last erupt?

1980 in wahington maybe... Not sure .....y r u making me answer

When was the last time mount sthelens erupted?


Will Mount Everest erupt?

No, Mount Everest will not erupt because it is not a volcano.

When will Mount Vesuvius erupt?

There is no telling when Mount Vesuvius will erupt next.

When did mount damavand erupt?

mount damavand didnt erupt yet.

How many people got killed during mount sthelens eruption?


How long does mount Everest take to erupt?

Mount Everest does not erupt as it is not a volcano.

Will mount mayon erupt again?

yes mount mayon might erupt in the future

When will mount Pelee erupt again?

Mount Pelee will not ever erupt again because the volcano is dead, there is nothing left in it for it to erupt.

Why did mount meakan erupt in 2006?

Yes mount meakan erupt in 31 March 2006.

When did mount Damavand last erupt?

The last erupt of mount Damavand was more than 38500 years ago.

Is Mount Vesuvius ever going to erupt again?

it will erupt 2020

What are mount Kilimanjaro's date of eruptions?

mount Kilimanjaro did not erupt

When is Mount Tambora expected to erupt again?

That Mount Tambora will erupt again is probably inevitable. When it will erupt next is not known. Currently there are no signs of it erupting any time soon.

When will mt everest erupt?

Mount Everest will never erupt because it is not a Volcano.

When will mount tambora erupt again?

It is impossible to predict when a volcano will next erupt.

When did mount apo erupt?


When did mount teide erupt?


When did mount vesuvious erupt?


Did Mount Etna erupt in 1980?


How often does Mount Etna erupt?

Mount Etna erupts continuously.

Is Mount Kenya a dormat or does it erupt intermently?

mount Kenya can still erupt because the African continent is constantly moving. plus there is a large magma chamber below mount Kenya and if there is an earthquake then it will erupt. NOTE any volcano can erupt it just takes the right event or moment to happen.

When did Mount Kenya last erupt?

Mount Kenya was said to erupt last anywhere in between 2.6-3.1 million years ago.

Mount Rushmore when did it erupt?

it didn't erupt and it wouldn't because it is just a mountain and not a volcano.

How did Mount Pinatubo erupt?

it erupt by a high pressure and temp. of magma at the bottom of the volcano...,..

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