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Some of them, such as the inhabitants of Eyam, isolated and quarantined themselves to help stop the spread of Plague.

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What are people are saying or doing to get away from black death?

The Black Death still exists in parts/regions of the states. People are catching rodents when they see them, which they then kill. The person that caught the rodent will then be sent off to a physician to get disinfected with antibiotics. Antibiotics cures the Black Death disease.

What was the flagellant movement of the black death?

Christians believed the black death was a punishment from god so the flagallant movement during the time of the black death was when people would offer bodily penance to god by whipping themselves in attempt to rid themselves of the black death.

Does cinna live or die?

Cinna dies, when they torture him to death in an attempt to break katniss, in catching fire.

Why woukd more people die in the cities than in the country due to black death?

Because people were more closer together in the city, people would have greater risk of 'catching' the Black Death. Alos, the cities were far more dirtier than in the country, so the rats would breed there, as well as the fleas that caused the Black Death

How old were the people with the black death?

The Black Death affected people of all ages.

What did people at the time think caused the black death and how did they attempt to cure or prevent it?

they thought it was a bad spirit, or possession, possibly G-D.

Why did they burn the people in the black death?

They believed many people to be witches. Hence "black" death.

How did the people react to the Black Death?

Most people thought the Black Death was a punishment by God and so were always trying to be good. Most people were scared of the Black Death!

Who was not affected by the black death?

People immune to the black death were not affected.

Who had the black death?

black death spread in Europe. black death killed 75 to 200 million people.

How was the Church impacted by the Black Death?

black death caused people to be angry. Church was blamed for black death.

How many people did the black Death?

Approx 20 million people died from the black death.Twinz46

The Black Death pandemic killed about people?

The Black Death killed approximately 75 million people.

What fraction of people were killed by the black death in Europe?

1 in 3 people were killied by the black death

How did the people in England find out about the black death in 1348?

There were lots of different ways that people found out about the black death.

How many people died from the black death?

i think around 25 million

Why was the black death famous?

the black death was famous because it killed millions of people.

How is the Black Death caught?

The Black Death was passed to people by bites from rat fleas.

Where did people died from black death?

Black death struck in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Who was involved in the black death?

there were lot of people involved in the black death over 2/3 of the world was wiped out because of the black death.

How did people react to those who are sick with black death?

Black Death caused people to fear god. People thought it was punishment from god.

How was black death spread?

it spreaded by people wearing other peoples clothes and touching people who have died from black death

What people thought the black death happened?

When Black Death spread. People thought it as anger of god.

How did doctors attempt to treat people ill with buboinic plague what remedies did they use?

Doctors used available medicines to treat Black Death. But none was 100% effective.

What did people call the black death?

the black death also called the bubonic plague was called black death for the black pustueles that formed all over your body

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