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Most drowned, as many homes were washed away or completely flooded.

Some were trapped in attics with no way out when they fled the rising waters, but most of these people were rescued. There were a number of deaths from collapsing structures, and several victims died of heart attacks. Some other invalids, hospital patients, and injured victims died due to lack of proper medical care.

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Q: How did people die in Hurricane Katrina?
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Did people die of hunger after hurricane Katrina?

yes about 567

How many people survived Hurricane Katrina?

It would be difficult to quantify the number of people that were affected by Katrina and that could be said to have 'survived' Katrina. In general, everyone in the world that didn't die during Hurricane Katrina can be said to have survived it.

How many people were affected by Hurricane Katrina?

About 82 million people were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

How did most people die during hurricane katrina?

Most people actually died of disease and infection caused by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately this was a situation that was unavoidably by many.

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hurricane katrina left 705 people missing

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Around 15 million people were involved in hurricane Katrina

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400 people are still missing from Hurricane Katrina.

How many people died from hurricane Katrina's flooding?

1,836 people died in hurricane katrina how devastating

Was there a shortage of food and water during hurricane Katrina?

yes there was a food and water shortage after hurricane katrina that caused many people to die because they were not prepaired

How many people helped after hurricane Katrina?

how many peolpe were helped in hurricane katrina

How many people lost their jobs in hurricane Katrina?

35,000 people lost there jobs in hurricane katrina.

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