The Great Depression

How did people economize during the Great Depression?



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I was not around for the "Great Depression" but I have learned a few things from my family history.

1.Communities pulled together. Those who had shared with those who did not. Friends, family, churches helped each other. Some people were even willing to

take in other families -into already cramped quarters by todays standards.

2.People were used to not having as much back then (compared to today) even

before the Depression - they were more appreciative to have a few simple needs met.

3.People were more self reliant. They often had large gardens to grow their own

food. They canned. They fished and hunted and stored up for the winter. More

people knew how to make their own things.

4.There was one member of my family that camped out in the town park for the

summer with their family. They were working, but they saved money by not

having to pay rent for a few months. When cold weather came they had extra

money. How many local governments would allow people to do this today? The

"kids" fondly remember this as a great summer.

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