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How did people find out about gold?


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gold was found/came to light, accidentally.


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People rushed to find gold. Hence, "Gold Rush."

Lots of people found gold. Few of them found lots of it.

No. People didn't look through hair to find gold. Most men were not very clean.

Many people came to the gold fields to get a chance to find gold and get rich.

The people that traveled to North America to find gold were called the forty niners. They traveled here in 1849 to find gold.

for their job to find gold

no not until the gold rush in California

Edward Hargraves Involvement in the Gold Rush era is he was a gold miner and that he helped with people to find gold. People say that he was the first to find gold in Australia But some say the he was just lucky with that government to have found gold and get rewarded for it.

because people wanted to find gold and get rich

The excitement of knowing you'll be rich if you find gold.

No they did not. They did find land that was suited to growing tobacco, which people would pay gold and silver for.

miners came for the gold rush to find gold and get wealthy

Gold veins are in the ground and people dig into mountains to find the gold making mines.

Yes they did!They looked for leftover gold in dumps from other people. They used that gold to pay the loans.They also sent some gold their families. I hope that this is helpful.

The Gold Rush was happening in 1849. The Gold Rush was a huge movement of people who came to find gold.

Many people did. Americans, African-Americans, even Chinese people came to find gold.

The klondike gold rush had more people because 100,000 set of to find gold 40,000 made it to dawson city and 4,000 found gold

i have a feeling it was found in El Giza.

People begin going to Western Australia in 1885 to find gold. There were several gold rushes in Western Australia including 1885, 1895, 1887, 1891 and 1893.

Gold was discovered at John Sutter's mill. Someone let out the secret and people "rushed" to find gold.

Georgia was one of the first North American Gold rushes.

Yes. Gold is still expensive, and if you find enough you can still get rich.

Gold attracted more people to Florida because people who were coming to Florida thought that they would be able to find more gold in Florida thatn in any other place in Florida. When they were out looking for gold they found out that you can't find more gold in florida than in any other place in the world. They stayed there and more people kept coming because they thought that they would be able to find more gold in Florida. That's what attracted more people to Florida.

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