Vietnam War

How did people get killed in the Vietnam War?

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Fixed wing aircraft dropped high explosive bombs and napalm

bombs. Fired rockets, and cannons. Those were some of the types of

weapons that inflicted casualties. Rotor wing aircraft

(Helicopters) fired mini-guns (electric powered gatling guns,

normally consisting of 6 barrels), machinguns, and fired rockets

(2.75 inch). Tanks fired 76MM (M-41 Walker Bulldog tank), 90MM

(M-48 Patton tank), 152MM (M-551 Sheridan tank). These weapons

inflicted casualties. M-113's Armored Personnel Carriers/Armored

Cavalry Assault Vehicles were armed with one .50 caliber machingun

and two M-60 machinguns. These inflicted casualties. Artillerymen

firing 105MM & 155MM howitzers; 155MM, 8", 175mm, self

propelled guns, and M-42 Dusters (twin barreled 40MM), inflicted

casualties. Swift Boats, PBR's (Patrol Boat River), Alpha Boats

(Assault Support Patrol Boats), and Monitors (River Battleships)

fired 81MM mortars, .50 caliber machineguns, and 40MM cannons.

These weapons inflicted casualties. Infantrymen armed with M-14

rifles, M-16 rifles, .45 pistols, M-3 submachinguns (.45 caliber),

M-60 machinguns, M-79 grenade launchers, M-203 over and under

combination rifle/grenade launcher, claymore anti-personnel mines

(land mine), M-72 LAW's (66mm Light Anti-Armor Weapon), and hand

grenades, inflicted casualties.

About half of US casualties were caused by land mines and 122MM

rockets provided to North Vietnam by the Russians. Small arms fire

accounted for a large percentage and so did accidents. Over 10% of

casualties were non combat related due to injury or illness.

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