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How did people in the middle ages control their temperature in their dwellings?


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they couldn't they wild just have to do anything they could to either stay warm or stay cool

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They didn't. They had to live with what-ever the weather brought them. Heat, cold, freeze, floods, mud, snow, ice, rain. They were lucky to have a fire to keep them warm. I imagine that people were either hot, cold, or wet all the time.

There is no middle brain. Sometimes this is something that people call an area "in between" the left and right side. The left side is for information storage and the right is creative. If you mean mid brain it is involved in vision, sleep/awake, motor control and temperature control.

During the Neolithic period, people used large stones and wood to make dwellings.

== == They are the carved houses from the cliffs the Hopi people lived in. Google image Hopi dwellings and you will see the photos.

Deforestation clears land for farms and dwellings for people.

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They lived in apartment-like dwellings built into cliffs.

Anything from caves to caravans and small wooden huts.

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Yes I do. We have temperature control; and quiet, blessed quiet. I meet the nicest people at the check-out counter...

An Anasazi is a member of a Native American people who once lived in cliff-dwellings in Utah and Colorado.

No, the made their house with mud people. Call them cliff dwellings!

Nomads are people who live in sort of a tribe. They don't live in one place, they keep moving with their tribe.

A village can have no people. What makes it a village is the number of buildings and dwellings in it. There are cities and towns with anywhere from 0-50 inhabitants.

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It was everything it controlled every aspect of life for everyone, it was life

There was no pest control and that was a problem when it came to fleas. It was the rats that came off ships from Asia with fleas that carried the plague and bit people. The Middle Ages was a stinky dirty time. Large cities could be smelled before they were entered and the rivers were polluted.

The type of dwellings that were common among the people of the southwest were sun-dried mud brick called adobe.

The houses were small, barrack-like dwellings, where animals lived as well as people.

The same as it is now: a way to control people and keep them in check. They just got away with more back then.

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