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How did people make a living in colonial pennsylvania?


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People in colonial Pennsylvania had a variety of ways in which they could earn a living. The jobs available included carpentry, farming, labor workers, shop keepers, candle makers, and livery workers.


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The people in colonial pennsylvania farmed for a living.

The people in colonial America massachusets made living by using the natural resuorces to keep.

In colonial Georgia's people were fisherman, farmers, shipbuilders, fur trappers as well as tradesmen.

Pennsylvania colony sold wheat and flour to other colonies.

People that lived in colonial times earned their living by selling cash crops such as tobacco and cotton as well as fruits and vegetables.

There isn't much going on in colonial Pennsylvania. However, Gettysburg and the site where the Gettysburg Address was given, is a tourist-must. The history of this place is not to be missed.

Steel, farming, cars, and mining.

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☺The people in colonial America massachusets made living by using the natural resuorces to keep warm and ate the animals they found or owned!☺

did the settelers in pennsylvania do anything to make money or earn a living

They used natural resources to make a living. Hope that help if it does leave me a compliment. So does it help does it realy????!?!?!?!? :-) ;-)

By selling little Mexican boys on the street.

Theygrew crops such as corn, they also traded and built ships.

How does livingston manor help to make a living in colonial new york

They would farm and harvest corn or catch clams or fish.

Most were farmers and even the towns that were established were primarily there to support the agricultural community.

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They needed a cash crop to export and tobacco filled that need.

To survive and to follow their religion on Christianity

If you are speaking of colonial times, agriculture.

People in the south make a living by farming

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