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Pirates used large grappling hooks attached to ropes to board ships. They could quickly travel over and overwhelm the crew while at sea.

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How do pirates board ships?

Very carefully.

Do pirates steal ships?

it is what pirates do

Where did pirates get their ships from?

Most Pirates steal their ships. A few Pirates buy them but most steal.

On pirates online can you steal ships?

No you cannot steal ships on Pirates Online.

What are pirates in movies about?

Pirates in movies are generally portrayed as criminals at sea who board ships and steal gold for their own gains. They have appeared in numerous movies over the last 50 years.

Where pirates find treasure?

Pirates stole Treasure or "BOOTY" from other ships like merchant ships or unarmed ships. This was called "Plundering".

What did pirates use the telescope for?

Pirates used the telescope to look for ships that they could rob. They also used it to look for military ships that be chasing pirates. It was important that the pirates be able to tell which ship it was nearby.

Who were pirates?

pirates were people who were on ships and had treasures maps to find treasures

Where do pirates attack?

Pirates attack places that have lots of ships that have goods.

How did pirate get there ships?

Usually, pirates either bought or stole their ships.

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Why did the discovery of gunpowder make the European explorers feel more confident while sailing?

Having gunpowder made it more difficult for pirates to board their ships.

Why did pirates take so few of their own things on board the ships?

Because otherwise they would have the risk of their own belongings to be stolen, broken or sunken with a ship.

Are pirates ship builders?

Not usually. Pirates were sometimes given ships by governments that wanted to hire them, sometimes they were wealthy enough to have ships built for them, sometimes they just commandeered other ships.

Did pirates searches for treasures?

not really like in the movies but they did attack british and american ships in the colonization of americas when the trade routes from britian and america ships would cross and they would attack the ship and take the "treasurers" on board. not like the pirates of the caribbean where they go into a cave. similar to todays samoly pirates that kill and take people for ransom in south east africa.

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