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Because they really did not have away to bomb only by tanks which were slow. so airplanes help them bomb quickly and accurate

^^This one isn't true. The had tanks that had bombs. But yes, the tanks were still slow.

AnswerBecause they really did not have away to bomb only by tanks which were slow. so airplanes help them bomb quickly and accurate AnswerAlthough the popular view of the WW1 airplane is single fliers acting like knights of the sky, the main effect was the arial observation of the battlefield to the commanders of forces in a battle. For the first time in history commanders could se pictures of the enemy and their movements. These pictures were obtained at high riske by brave observation aricraft crews affecte the war more then anything else. Figther we meant to shoot the onservation planes down and the airial combat between the fights were contest to see who gained cotrol of the air so that thei observation planes could take pictures. Later the observation were conbined with bombers affected the battelfield yet in antoher way.
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Q: How did planes affect World War 1?
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what was learned during the war? how to build rockets and use them for bombs and planes

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The US built no planes in World War 1. American pilots flew French planes; Nieuports and Spads.

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They were not reliable.

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