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How did pop art become popular?

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It started out in the 1950s and hit its height during the 60s. It was a reaction against the status quo, as most art movements were, and reflected the changing American society. With the improving economy after WWII and increasingly materialistic culture of the US, pop art quickly became popular. The spread of television, Pop Music, and popular artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein helped this type of art flourish across the country.

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Where did pop art become well known?

what is pop art what is pop art

How did pop music become popular and when did it become popular?

The "Pop" in the term "Pop Music" is a shortening of the word Popular - pop music is just a "Groovy" way of saying popular music. So your question is really "How did popular music become popular and when did it become popular?" which is kinda funny :) But the term or phrase "Pop Music" became widely used in the 50s, largely linked to the growth of rock'n'roll, and "Pop Art", during a period of growing optimism following the depression.

What does the pop in pop art mean?


What does the art term Pop Art mean?

Pop = popular. The subject matter is taken from popular culture.

Why is pop art called pop art?

Pop is short for popular. pop art used to be called Propaganda art but as more and more people liked it it was renamed pop art.

Was pop art fashionable in 1960s?

No it did not become popular and fashionable until the late 70's

What does the term 'pop art' mean?

Click link below!pop art meaning popular art not art that goes pop

How did pop art get its name?

The "pop" in the name was short for popular, the art looked popular so they decided to put the word in pop art's name and the "art" was because you're meant to create art on the program

What is popular art?

Popular art is also known as pop art. In pop art, material is visually removed from its known context, isolated, and/or combined with unrelated material. The concept of pop art refers not as much to the art itself as to the attitudes that led to it.

Why is pop art popular?

beacuse it is

What does the term pop art mean in art?

It means popular.

What is shown in pop art?

Something popular. Something in pop culture.

What does the Pop in pop art stand for?

Pop usually stands for what is popular at the time or for the time.

What does POP in pop art means?

It's short for "popular". The "pop" in pop song has the same origin.

Which words describe pop art?

Two words: art, popular

What are the similarities of op art pop art and photo realism?

op is like an optical. and pop is like popular

When did the pop genre become popular?

It has always been popular... before it was popular it wasn't called pop

How did pop art finish?

Pop art never really "finished." It is still a popular form of art that many artists use and love.

When did pop art become popular?

it became popular in the 1950's. then the artist was so excited with what he did he or she just kept drawing pictures, because they loved drawing.

What does the word pop mean in pop art?

Pop is a shortening of the word Popular. Pop art uses everyday objects (eg: Andy Warhol painted soup cans) or people everyone will recognise (like celebrities), that's why it's call Popular Art.

What was Jean-Michel Basquait's art about?

It was about a popular art of the era called "pop art".

What are the concept expression and example of pop art?

"Pop art," used to refer to "popular art" as well as "propaganda art" are a part of the modern art movement. Pop art pieces express emotions and concepts through use of popular objects, like when Andy Warhol painted cans of soups in different colors.

What was the meaning of pop art?

the meaning of pop art is when you draw/paint a popular thing. for example, in the 90's, small gumball machines were popular and so an artist did that. there is a way you must do pop art. each picture is made with dots of different colors.

Did pop art critique post war society?

Pop art did not critique post-war culture. Conversely, it used what was popular in society as a medium for art.

Who was the first person to do popart?

Pop art means it is a really popular kind of art.