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Pop art impacted the world heaps it made every thing better because it is really easy to draw advertisements but it also heaped a heap of artist become fames

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What was Andy Warhol's impact?

He was the foremost propagator of Pop Art in the US.

Impact the art world?

There are many things in the art world that have had a great impact. These things include people and landscapes.

Where did pop art become well known?

what is pop art what is pop art

What impact did Dali give to the art world?

Dali gave a new type of art to the world

Does nicki minaj have an impact on the music world?

yes,she has impact on the world. She has the impact on pop,rock,music....she even knows how to play the piano.

Why is pop art called pop art?

Pop is short for popular. pop art used to be called Propaganda art but as more and more people liked it it was renamed pop art.

What was going on in the world when pop art was created?

The cold war.

How did Michelangelo have a lasting impact on the world?

micheal angelo had an impact on the world because she did famous art. his paintings are in museums

What is pop art about?

pop art is a forum of painting .

What impact has calligraphy had on world art?

it has a huge impact as literal images are usually forbidden and so words become the primary expression of art.

How did pop art come about?

pop art came about in..... 1960,,,

What was the subject matter of pop art?

Why was pop art created

How do you recognize pop art?

depends are you a pop art professional?

What contributions did the artist Andy Warhol give to the art world?

He made Pop Art popular in the USA.

What does the term 'pop art' mean?

Click link below!pop art meaning popular art not art that goes pop

What did pop art artist do there art about?

Pop artist did there art about whatever was going on at the time.

Where did pop art originate?

1964 Pop Art mainly originated in England and America and then slowly made its way across the rest of the world. Pop Art begun in the late 1950s, Pop Art in America was given its greatest impetus during the 1960s. By this time, American advertising had adopted many elements and inflections of modern art and functioned at a very sophisticated level.

How did Pop Art effect Art?

Before Pop Art, paintings were made of people or places. The goal was to make it very life-like and as beautiful as possible. When Pop Art emerged, it took aspects out of daily life (such as commercials, commercial products and comic books) and started painting those.The best book about Pop-Art and its history is "Pop Art Portraits". It tells you about the history of the style, while putting it in the context of the events in the world at the time.It practically destroyed art.

Where can you turn your photos into pop art?

Photos can be turned to pop art at many places. These include pop art studios, online pop art studios, freelance pop art artists and also using free software tools. Among these, pop art studios are beneficial, when you want a professional job at the specified time.

Difference between pop art and abstract art?

Pop Art depicts things. Abstract art has no subject.

Facts about pop art?

Pop art started in London in the late 1950s. it was originally called propaganda art instead of pop art. Roy Lichenstein, Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns are all pop art artists.

Where did pop art get its influences from?

The pop art movement started after the second world war. This was because people realised how fragile life was, they started to want 'things' and society became more materialistic. Pop Art uses everyday objects in it's images.

What is Indian pop art?

It is pop art made by people who are Indian.

What was the reason for pop art starting?

what was the reason for pop art to start?

How would you identify pop art?

how would you identify pop art

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