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How did reconstruction change the South?

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The reconstruction changed the south in that now the freeman, farmers, soldiers, and businessman could vote. This did not change the racial view of most Southerners to the newly freed blacks. The South was in economic ruin as the source of the profitable labor was taken away.

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Q: How did reconstruction change the South?
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How did the southern economy change after Reconstruction?

The South had developed a more balanced economy after Reconstruction

How did reconstruction change the south and South Carolina?

The south now had to accept that slavery was no longer accepted and they had to adapt to northern rules.

How did the state legislatures in the South begin to change as a result of Reconstruction?

u guess it

How did Reconstruction help the South?

The South rejoined the union after reconstruction.

After reconstruction one major change in agriculture was?

The South had developed a more balanced economy after Reconstruction. The major goals were to rejoin all the states back to the Union and to help rebuild the South.

What reconstruction plan was easiest for the south?

some wanted to use reconstruction to punish the south

What was the reconstruction of the south?

The reconstruction of the south was when all the battles had ruined there property so they needed to fix it.

What was the name given to rebuilding the south?

Reconstruction OR "The Era of Reconstruction"

How did the reconstruction acts affect the south?

Well it helped rebuild the South after the war. The war left the South in ruins. As a result of the reconstruction act, the South rejoined the Union. The reconstruction act did not end slavery though.

Who were the Northerners who came south to help in Reconstruction?

They were called Scalawags. They intended on supporting the South in Reconstruction. The ones who took advantage of the Reconstruction era were carpetbaggers.

How did the reconstruction end-?

The Reconstruction Era in the United States ended with the reconstruction of the south after the Civil War.

When was the reconstruction of the south?

in 1867

About the reconstruction of the south?

it suck

How did Presidential Reconstruction differ from Congressional Reconstruction?

During the Presidential Reconstruction, President Lincoln wanted to be kind to the South and help them rebuild as much as possible. The Congressional Reconstruction wanted the South to pay for their rebellions.

How did the south kill reconstruction?

Because of the KKK and its threats made the south fear death instead of helping with reconstruction

What programs to repair the south?

There was originally Reconstruction, but it has turned into a way to control us. The south is still inder Reconstruction.

When did the reconstruction start in the south?

so they can rebuild the south

Did the south win reconstruction during the south?


What was the main cash crop of south during reconstruction?

Cotton was the main cash crop of the South during the Reconstruction Era.

The goals of reconstruction?

The goals of reconstruction in the South were to make the South whole again. Several cities had to be rebuilt after the Civil War.

What and when was Reconstruction?

Reconstruction is the period after the Civil War until 1877. It was a period where the South was being punished by the North for starting the Civil War.

What was the attitude of the south toward reconstruction?

what was the attiude of the south toward Reconstruction? The South was not open to Reconstruction at all. The North had won the Civil War and one thing that they attempted to change about the South was the issue of slavery. After the amendment was passed to abolish slavery, they South did not comply with it. The black codes were passed by Jackson in order to regulate or control African American affairs and groups such as the Klu Klux Klan came up which tortured and killed numerous Aferican Americans.

One reason Radical Reconstruction was able to bring change in the South was that?

A. federal soldiers were stationed in the South to enforce new laws. B. white southerners supported the changes brought about by Radical Reconstruction C. African Americans voted for Radical Reconstruction D. it was part of General Lee's surrender terms. i think it is "A."

How was Congressional Reconstruction different from Presidential Reconstruction?

Congressional Reconstruction and Presidential Reconstruction happen around the same time with lots of debate when the president and congress didnÕt agree. Presidential Reconstruction is Johnsons attempt to using his power to rebuild the south and Congressional Reconstruction was controlling congress making the south to suffer.

Who was the Northern politician in south south during reconstruction?