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They were already affected. That's why they came to Virginia.

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Q: How did religion affect the colonists in the Virginia colony?
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What did the colonists that lived in the colony of Virginia drink?

They drunk water

What religion groups was Virginia colony?


Was Virginia's religion Anglicanism?

Yes, it was, as it was a royal colony and Middle Colony

What form of transportation did they have in the colony of Virginia?

In the Virginia Colony they mostly rode horseback, and also in Wagons. After a while the Colonists built roads, and bridges. This connected all of the colony!

What religion did the Virginia colony go for?

The Virginia colony's official religion was the Church of England. Residents of the colony paid taxes to the church and were required to attend church services even if they belonged to another faith. Freedom of religion was a key motivator in Virginia's role to become independent from Britain.

The official religion of the colony of Virginia was what?

Actually, the "main" religion was Anglican, but the colony of Virginia was also very diverse. Mostly any type of Christianity, Baptist, Presbyterian, etc.hi

What type of religion did Virginia colony have?

It was predominantly protestant Christianity.

What type of religion did the colony of Virginia have?

In the colony of Virginia the Anglican (Episcopalian) religion was the official religion and was supported through taxation. However, there were other religions. Patrick Henry was a Presbyterian. Thomas Jefferson wrote that a number of Jews lived in Virginia. A number of Baptists also lived there. Daniel Boone was in the Virginia Legislature and was a Baptist. (His father had been kicked out of a Quaker Church in Pennsylvania!)

What crops did Virginia grow when it was a colony?

In addition to food crops to feed the colonists, Virginia's BIG crop was tobacco.

A British sentences with the word smuggle?

Many colonists in the Virginia colony used to smuggle.

What country did the colonists of the colony of South Carolina come from?

T H E Y came from Spain

Who founded the colony of the Carolina?

History has a little proof on it that North Carolina was founded by Virginia colonists.