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Q: How did renaissance srt differ from earlier periods in terms of painting technique?
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How did Renaissance art differ from earlier periods in terms of painting technique?

Renaissance art differ from earlier periods in terms of painting technique Renaissance artists used oil paints on dry walls.

What technique involves painting on a freshly plastered wall and was popular during the Greek Roman Medieval and Renaissance periods?


Renaissance Art had different periods What where they called?

Early Renaissance, High Renaissance, Mannerism.

How does the Northern Renaissance differ from the earlier Renaissance?

There were only two major Renaissances in Europe. There was the Northern Renaissance and the Italian Renaissance. If you want to know the differences, there is a link below to help you learn the difference between the two and what caused them to happen in different time periods.

What where the 3 main periods called in the Renaissance?

Renaissance, baroque and romantique

What makes Harlem Renaissance and Renaissance the same?

The Renaissance was the spark of the coming technology and self expression, the Harlem Renaissance was that same spart but for the black community north and south, self expression and music reflecting America at that point in time and progressing into what Black America is today

Which of these periods was not part of the Renaissance period?


What are the periods of the renaissance period?

1400a.d to 1600 a.d

What part of speech is renaissance?

The word renaissance is a noun. A renaissance is a revival. It also refers to the time between the medieval and modern time periods.

How did clothing effect the renaissance?

they were different from other time periods

How did the arts evolve during the renaissance?

Art during the renaissance was innovative in its design and controversial in its subjects. The new art was both realistic and beautiful. The city of Florence became the center of one of the most concentrated and productive periods in the history of the arts. The most significant innovation in painting during the Renaissance was the use of linear perspective. Early Renaissance artists developed a system for creating depth using the horizon line and the vanishing point.

What is the theme of renaissance period?

The word "Renaissance" literally means rebirth. Renaissance periods are marked by a flourish of new inventions, new ideas, and revolutions in thinking. The most famous example is the Italian Renaissance.