How did robin meet batman?

Each of five Robins met Batman (Bruce Wayne) in a different way.

  1. Bruce Wayne attended the Haley's Circus where Dick Grayson's family act, The Flying Graysons, performed on the night Dick's parents were killed.
  2. Jason Todd met Batman on the night when Jason stole the wheels off the Batmobile.
  3. Tim Drake was Bruce Wayne's next-door neighbor but actually met when Tim deduced Batman's secret identity following the "death" of Jason Todd.
  4. Stephanie Brown met Batman and Robin (Tim Drake) when she donned a costumed identity (The Spoiler) to warn people of her father's (Cluemaster) criminal plans.
  5. Damian Wayne is Bruce Wayne's son by Talia al Ghul. They are introduced by Talia when Damian is around 9 or 10 years old.