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depends on the scientist. some happy, some sad.

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Q: How did scientists feel for creating atomic bomb?
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Could the us feel the wind from the nagasaki atomic bomb in World War 2?


Why do some feel that the US should have never used the atomic bomb?

It kiled millions of people.

Do you feel japan should have been warned before the atomic bomb was dropped?

Absolutely not, they might have attempted to shoot down the strike planes and captured a bomb.

Why did the US drop the atomic bomb because of the vengeance for torture and suicide attacks?

No, because they were monsters back then and forced a bunch of scientists to make what they now call WMDs... And after being the only country in the world who has ever used a WMD, they feel the need to go and bomb other countries after imaginary WMDs... How does that look to you?

Why until 1949 did the US feel it had a superior hold over the USSR?

The US had the atomic bomb, whereas the Soviets did not.

Do you feel that the US should have used the Atomic Bomb as a means to end World War 2?

Although using such a devastating weapon is always questioned, I believe the U.S. was justified to use the Atomic Bomb. Even the Japanese citizens were told to fight. By dropping the Atomic bomb, there was potentially less death, since no U.S. soldiers were harmed. The citizens would not have surrendered. Japan was not going to surrender, and so the Atomic bomb saved thousands of American lives, and shortened that terrible war

What is the theme of the book The Green Glass Sea by Ellen Klages?

The theme of The Green Glass sea is a science fiction/historical fiction young adult book about the Manhatten Project. It talks about life there on "The Hill" and goes as deep as how it would feel being there, where everything is secret. Really, the scientists who were recruited to go there were scientists and helped make the Atomic bomb.

How did the kamikaze pilots effect the decision of using the atomic bomb?

Their suicidal efforts convinced the US that the Japanese did not feel beaten and were not ready to surrender

What city in New Mexico was the atomic bomb first tested?

The "gadget" atomic bomb was tested in the White Sands Desert of New Mexico not in a city. The town of Alamogordo could see and feel the bombs affects - 100 miles away. Other towns reported many sightings and the shaking of the earth.

Would you feel anything if a atom bomb went off?

It depends on if you are within the blast radius of an atomic bomb...<br><br>If you are within the firey blast radius of the bomb, then no. You will feel nothing at all. The heat from an atom bomb is so intense that not only does it sear your nerve endings shut, it completely turns you into dust. So, in other words, you will be dead before your brain comprehends what has happened.

What does it mean by many things feel that year from look at the teacup written by Patricia Hampl?

Many thing feel that denotes:the bomb that feel that year and many womens feel because of the bomb blast....

How did other countries feel when the atomic bomb was dropped on japan?

The entire world was shocked. There had never been an atom bomb in existence before and never has there been any more used in war. Some were angry, some were glad because it ended the war. Some were confused. Some people were shocked at the injuries the Japanese people suffered. You can see why atomic bombs have not been used since then in war.