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He did settle Jamestown it was his charter

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Q: How did sir Walter Raleigh help with the british empire?
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What did sir Walter Raleigh do to help US?

Sell tobacco

What things did Sir Walter Raleigh accomplish?

he accomplished being a jerk and he did help in the revoultionary war

Who did the british have help them since they could not raise a large enough army?

The countries of the British Empire.

Why did the countries of the British empire help them?

Because they thought of Britain as the motherland and the British Monarch as their own Monarch.

What were the main reasons Australia decided to help Britain in World War 1?

Because Australia was a part of the British Empire. Because Australia was a part of the British Empire

Who scouted the land of Roanoke NC along with Armadas?

Walter Raleigh is often credited with scouting the land of Roanoke, North Carolina, along with the help of his captains and soldiers. The Roanoke Island expedition in 1585 was an attempt by Raleigh to establish a colony in the New World.

What did Sir Walter Raliegh accomplish?

Sir Walter Raleigh tried to help with the set up of the New World in Virginia and North America. He instructed 3 expeditions to the New World that were all unsuccessful. He helped Jamestown know what not to do. =)

What did sir Walter Raleigh accomplished?

he accomplished being a jerk and he did help in the revoultionary war

Did the empire help the colonies?

yes it did i gave the british power and make it easy for the colonies to fight the battles

What impact did the British Empire have on the world?

why do you think i asked the question wiki answers is rubbish and is no help at all i hate it :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

This is for my homework project and im really stuck can you please help me How was british empire important to the uk for religion Languages and tv?

umm srry can't help you

Why were taxes implemented in the colonies?

Taxes were implemented in the British colonies of North America to help pay for the various wars the Empire was engaged in. Since the American colonies were among the wealthiest in the British Empire it made sense to Parliment to tax them to help pay the bills for the defense of the British Empire. The problem with this was that the colonies had often times had to defend themselves against Native Americans, the French and Spanish. It made little sense to Americans for them to have to pay to once to defend themselves and then pay again to defend an entire empire.