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Taxes were implemented in the British colonies of North America to help pay for the various wars the Empire was engaged in. Since the American colonies were among the wealthiest in the British Empire it made sense to Parliment to tax them to help pay the bills for the defense of the British Empire. The problem with this was that the colonies had often times had to defend themselves against Native Americans, the French and Spanish. It made little sense to Americans for them to have to pay to once to defend themselves and then pay again to defend an entire empire.

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Q: Why were taxes implemented in the colonies?
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How did the british rule over the colonies?

they ruled over them pretty harshly, they implemented a bunch of unfair taxes

What concerned the colonist about taxes?

Although the taxes are aimed at paying for the costs of admininstering the colonies, the colonists had no say in levying them and they were special taxes, just on the colonies.

Who was Charles Town shed and what did his tax enforce?

Charles Townsend was the British equivalent of a financial minister during the Revolutionary War. The Townsend acts were a group of things, mostly taxes on the colonies, that he believed should be implemented.

How was actions of the British parliament harmful to the colonies?

They were oppressing taxes on the colonies, and it was causing the colonies money.

What happen after the colonies protest new taxes?

what happened after the colonies rejected the tax

Who had the power to impose taxes on the colonies?


Because the colonies were beginning to rebel against british taxes?

the colonies did not think it was fair

Was Parliament justified in imposing taxes on the colonies?

Since the colonies belonged to them, they were justified in all of them. The colonists didn't mind the taxes, they minded that they didn't get any say.

Taxes were imposed on the colonists?

Yes, there were many taxes imposed on the American colonies by the British Empire.

What did the taxes help pay for in the colonies?

french war

How many taxes where put on the thirteen colonies?


Why did parliament pass taxes to the colonies?

To get tax revenue.