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it gave the people of America a chance to work and make some money to help support there family's

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Q: How did skyscrapers change America's cities?
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How many skyscrapers does Portland Oregon have?

It has 22 skyscrapers

Where are skyscrapers found?

usually in cities.

Cities in the late 19th century expanded with the development of what?


Where do you find skyscrapers in North America?

In the North American cities.

Are there skyscrapers in a city?

Yes there are skyscrapers in most all major cities. Atlanta, Chicago, LA, etc. but small cities not very likely. Depending on what kind of city you are referring too.

What was Louis Sullivans impact on urbanizatioz?

Louis Sullivan is known as the " Father of Skyscrapers." And many people after him created skyscrapers. That gave southern farmers a chance for opportunity in the cities of America such as building skyscrapers.

What is one effect of overcrowding in cities?

They needed Skyscrapers and had to live near transportaton.

How did steel help cities?

The effect of steel is that it strengthens structures especially the weak ones.

What us cities have the most skyscrapers?

Cities in the United States with the most skyscrapers include New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. New York City has the most skyscrapers, with iconic buildings like One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building dominating its skyline.

What are the men called Who built skyscrapers?

Roughnecks according to "America the Story of Us: Cities"

Where are most skyscrapers most frequently built and why?

Most skyscrapers are built in large cities that are still attracting population growth but that have run out of area to continue growing horizontally.

Why are there antennas on skyscrapers?

The antennas on the rooftops of skyscrapers are actually electricity harvesters. This explains why big cities can afford more lights everywhere, like traffic signals that run 24/7.