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Slavery ended with the ratification of the 13th amendment to the Constitution. The Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln which was a document that abolished slavery. Later Martin Luther King jr. ended segregation

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Q: How did slavery end?
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Why did the American revolution put a end to slavery?

It did not end slavery only the slavery run by the british

Where was the end of slavery?

There has been no official end to slavery let alone a location. Slavery like sex slavery is still going on.

When did they try to end slavery?

January, 1863 is when they tried to end slavery.

What was the end of slavery called?

abolitionism is the movement to end slavery, and the emancipation proclamation is the document that ended slavery.

Why was it easier to end the slave trade than slavery itself?

Because if you end the source in which slavery comes from, then you can eventually end all of slavery.

Why was it important to end slavery?

Because if slavery did not end nothing would be the same.

When did Andrew Johnson try to end slavery?

yes he did try to end slavery.

What did Sojourner Truth do to end slavery?

sojourner truth spoke to the world to end slavery

Movement that wanted to end slavery?

The movement to end slavery was called the Abolitionist Movement

Why should slavery should end now?

because my mommy said i have to end slavery

What does slavery abolitionist hope to accomplish?

To end slavery.

What event triggered the Civil War?

the end of slavery or abolish slavery(abolish means end)

How many free and slave states where there at the end of slavery?

If its the end of slavery then all of the states were free

What did some people do to try to end slavery?

people who opposed slavery worked to abolish it or end it

When did slavery end in louisiana?

Slavery ended permanently in Louisiana in 1865. The end of slavery was a direct result of the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

Did slavery really end?

Yes, in America slavery did really end after the Civil War. After the war was over slavery was abolished and was no longer legal.

Did the north wanted slavery?

No. North wanted to end slavery and south wanted slavery

Did Susan B. Anthony end slavery?

No. She was an abolitionist, which means she was against slavery, but the official decision to end slavery came from Abraham Lincoln. As president, Abraham Lincoln had the authority to mandate the end of slavery for all states.

When did Massachusetts end slavery?

Massachusetts prohibited slavery in 1780

What day did the slavery end?

slavery ended on 1865 in December

When did slavery in the british empire end?

Slavery did not end in the British Empire until the year 1833. The act to abolish slavery came in 1807, though.

Why did Lincoln end slavery?

Lincoln ended slavery because it was the only way the war would end

Who wanted to end slavery immediately?

"Abolitionists". (Others favored a more gradual, orderly end to slavery.)

What did sojoinor do to end slavery?

The Slavery Abolition Act 1833 us what helped end the slave trade.

End slavery now?

Slavery is not a big thing in the 2014. Slavery was a big thing in the past.