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They didnt like them

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Q: How did some northern workers fell about abolition?
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What was one reason some northern workers opposed the antislavery movement?

The northern workers worked in big factories and were interested in the mass production of cotton that the slaves did in the south. The workers needed the cotton from the south to keep their factories going. Therefore, they essentially needed slaves to keep their jobs.

Why did northern factory workers oppose the abolitionists before the US Civil War?

Freed African Americans would take some of their jobs, the workers were socially higher than slaves, and disruption of the Union.

What are some problems of the abolition movement?

The problem with the aboltion movement is slavery.

Why do some northern states have two dates when slavery ended?

Dumb people. The states with two dates all passed gruadual abolition acts. The first date represents the year gradual abolition acts were passed. The second date indicates when the last slave died or was freed.

DO railroad workers pay into social security?

Answer: Yes, Railroad workers pay into social security as well as railroad retirement. I worked for the Burlington Northern Railroad and we paid 6. some % into social security and I think 8. something into Railroad Retirement.

Was slavery always illegal in the North of the USA?

No, slavery was legal in some Northern states of the USA in the 18th and early 19th centuries. However, states in the North started to abolish slavery beginning in the late 18th century, with Pennsylvania being the first to enact gradual abolition in 1780. By the early 19th century, all Northern states had either abolished slavery or enacted laws for its gradual abolition.

What are the different reasons why people supported abolition?

People supported abolition for moral reasons, such as the belief that slavery was unjust and violated human rights. Others supported abolition for economic reasons, wanting to shift to a wage-based labor system. Some also supported abolition as a way to promote social and political equality.

Who were some blacks involved in abolition?

Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas, and Dred Scott.

Who were some important people in the abolition movement?

some important people in the abolition movement are Harriet Stowe, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Benjamin Rush, Thomas Paine, Charles Finney and many many more people...

Why did abolition begin?

because some people didn't believe in slavery but some people did. So they came up with abolitionists

How did folkestone castle fell down?

some one shot it and it fell down

Why did northern workers and immigrats oppose slavery?

Northern workers and immigrants opposed slavery for a variety of reasons, including economic competition (as slave labor could reduce job opportunities), moral opposition to the institution of slavery, and a desire to prevent its expansion into new territories to maintain a free labor market. Additionally, some believed that slavery undermined the principles of equality and freedom that the United States was founded upon.