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The second Boer War sarted in 1899 and ended in 1902.

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The boer war was sparked by?

The boer war was sparked by

Where was the third south African war the boer war?

There was a first and a second Boer War. The Third Boer War is still to come.

When did the boer war start?

the boer war started in 1980

When was the Boer War?

The Boer war began in 1899 and endend in 1902

What was the outcome of the Boer War?

the British won the Boer war; both of them.

What year was the boer war?

1899-1902 was when the Boer War occurred.

Where did the boer war start?

I do believe the Boer War started in Africa.

How did the union get its victory in the US Civil War?

advance technology

What country was the boer war fought in?

The Boer War was fought in South Africa.

How many died in the Boer War?

boer war began 11 october

How many australians were in the boer war?

1 person fort in the Boer war

In which country was he boer war fought?

The Boer War was fought in South Africa.

When did the first boer war end?

The first Boer War was from 1880 -1881.

When did First Boer War happen?

First Boer War happened in 1881.

Where did the Anglo Boer war take place?

Anglo-boer war when did it take place

What years was the boer war?

The first Boer War began in 1880 and ended in 1881.

When did Second Boer War happen?

Second Boer War happened on 1899-10-11.

What were the goals of the US and soviet union after World War 2?

To advance in technology

The Anglo-Boer War was fought between the?

English and Boer

What war begins with B?

Boer war

What are the release dates for The Boer War - 1914?

The Boer War - 1914 was released on: USA: March 1914

The Boer War was sparked by what?

the discovery of gold and diamonds on Boer-held lands.

Was nz involved in the boer war?

Yes, New Zealand was involved in the Second Boer War 1899 -1902. New Zealand sent 6500 soldiers, 230 of these soldiers died. We also sent 30 female nurses and 20 female teachers. The Second Boer War was the first overseas conflict which New Zealand sent troops. Note: "Boer War" refers to the Second Boer War. The First Boer War 1880-1881 is not well-known and did not involve New Zealanders.

Why did the 2nd boer war start?

The second, and better known Boer War started in 1899 and lasted 3 years.

In which war was breaker morant involved?

The Boer War