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Technology was the driving force of the Industrial Revolution. New advances in technology made the mass production of products possible in developed countries.

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Q: How did technology affect the Industrial Revolution?
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How did the Industrial Revolution affect the north?

How did the Industrial Revolution affect the North?

What was created in the industrial revolution?

machines and technology was created in the industrial revolution

How did industrial revolution affect human population growth?

it made technology easier for people to do things

What brought about the Industrial Revolution?


What were the basic features of the new industrial system created by the industrial revolution?

machines and technology was created in the industrial technology.

Where Did the second Industrial Revolution take place?

the first industrial revolution took place in englan and the second industrial revolution in germay the second industrial revolution is also called the technology revolution.

How did capitalism affect the Industrial Revolution?

Industrial Capitalism

How is Industrial Revolution in India?

What is industrial revolution The industrial revolution is when there was an improvement in technology which resulted in many improvements and many new factories and new industries.

What technology was invented in the Industrial Revolution?

The Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney during the Industrial Revolution.

What did Both the Neolithic Revolution and the Industrial Revolution depend on?

technology advances

How did the Industrial Revolution improve technology?

The industrial revolution did improve technology by automating most of the processes that were being done manually. The assembly line power driven machines were able to improve technology.

How did the scientific revolution affect the Industrial Revolution?

hala madrid

Was new technology necessary for the Industrial Revolution?

Without the invention of new machines and technology , scientific discoveries that simply work and the Industrial Revolution could not have taken place. So new technology was necessary.

Describe the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution?

the application of technology and automation in a variety of industrial processes

How did the industrial revolution affect people?

a lot

How did the industrial revolution affect businness?


What were the factors development of both the industrial revolution and the market revolution?

Two factors that spurred the development of the industrial and the market revolution were the invention of steam technology and computers.

How does the industrial revolution affect slavery in the US?

By the start of the industrial revolution slavery has been abolished so there was no effect.

What does the Industrial Revolution have to do with the European imperialism?

The industrial revolution gave the Europeans the technology and the wealth to be in a position to overpower less technologically advanced society's.

How did the invention of the car affect the industrial revolution?


What commodities were a part of the second Industrial Revolution?

the technology, the communication and the innovations.

Why was imperialism a net benefit for humanity?

The spread of technology from the Industrial Revolution.

What man brought technology of the industrial revolution to America?

Samuel Slater

The steam engine was the major technology that drove?

It drove the industrial revolution

When was there a big breakthrough in technology?

Perhaps the industrial revolution in the early 1800s.