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Q: How did tenskwatawa differ from handsome lake on the issue of accepting white American ideas and their beliefs?
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What were the Iroquois's religious beliefs?

the iroqouis rerligious beliefs were on the Handsome Lake and the Great Spirit

What were the tenskwatawa and Tecumseh's beliefs about the path that native Americans should follow?

tecumsah thought that native Americans should just assimilated with the whites

What are American beliefs?

whats is American Beliefs and Principles

How has the Hindu faith changed in this century?

Hindu Faith has changed by accepting some of Buddhism beliefs.

What beliefs did the North American Phalanx belief in?

what beliefs did the north american phalanx believe in.

Why you cant live by the values and beliefs of Hinduism?

Because of the contradictionsAnswer:About 900 million Hindus (14% of the world's total population) have no problem accepting and living by the values and beliefs of their religion.

What shaped the beliefs of many native American tribes and what are these beliefs?

their surroundings

On what was African American culture based?

Africans kept many customs and beliefs from their homelands. These customs and beliefs became the basis of African-American culture.

What were Native American beliefs based on?

The Ten Commandments

How do you tell people about Jesus on the job?

If you wish to explain some of your Christian beliefs, you should also show a genuine interest in the beliefs of your friends. Of course, they may or may not wish to share their beliefs, but an expression of genuine interest and a patient willingness to listen and to understand will go a long way. Trust will be engendered when they realise that you are just as accepting of their beliefs as you would like them to be of yours.

What were some American beliefs?

There are really no "Native American" beliefs. Tribes, and even clans within those tribes, sometimes have very different beliefs. Traditional believers have a deep love and respect for Creator and all His gifts. They honor His world and thereby Honor Him. Beyond that, beliefs can and do vary dramatically.

How might modern culture be different if syncretism did not occur in the Americas?

Syncretism is the attempt to bring different beliefs together. In Southern and Central America, the indigenous persons retained many of the practices, beliefs and customs of the indigenous religions when nominally accepting Catholicism.