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it abolished slavery, and the freedmen and slaves were free without ever having to get back to working on plantations, but some were forced to because they had little rights and oppurtunites.

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Q: How did the 13 amendment help the freed slaves?
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Former slaves are freed with this amendment?


What amendment was ratified on December 6 1865 and freed the slaves in the US?

13 amendment

What are freedpeople?

former slaves became free people after the Civil War. (13 amendment)

Which president freed the slaves?

Abraham Lincoln didn't free the slaves, the 13th amendment freed the slaves.AMENDMENT 13: Slavery Abolished.Actually he did because he signed the bill over to free the slaves, so technically he did free the slavesabraham lincon

Can you give you a thesis statement on the 13 amendment?

The 13th Amendment officially abolished slavery in the United States. A good thesis statement for this amendment might be, 'The 13th amendment freed the slaves, but only slightly improved conditions for Black folks in America.'

What freed slaves in rebelling states?

The Emancipation Proclaimation freed the slaves. Abraham Lincoln wrote this document to free the confederate slaves.The 13 Amendment.

How does 13 amendment effect us now?

if we didn't have this amendment we would probably be slaves and be forced to work

Does the us have slaves?

Not currently. Slaver was abolished with the 13 amendment of the Constitution

What was the name given to former slaves?

For the most part they were considered freed men until the 13 th Amendment abolishing slavery was passed at the end of 1865. After that they were called "Blacks".

How does the 13 amendment affect life in America today?

we dont hve slaves( :( just kidding) but we dont have slaves anymore

What was amendment 13?

It Abolished slavery,except for punishment for a crime. Although, slavery was still allowed in Delaware, Kentucky and Missouri. Senate passed the Amendment on April 8, 1864. In Addition, Abraham Lincoln'sEmancipation Proclamation freed all remaining captive slaves.

What fraction of a free citizen did slaves have prior to the 13 and 14 amendment?

Slaves were considered one-third of a person. Three slaves were the equivalent of one person.