How did the 1920s change and influence Great Britain?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: How did the 1920s change and influence Great Britain?
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Which European country had the most colonial influence on Canada?

Great Britain had the most influence.

Which foreign power had the most influence in china?

Great Britain

What Enlightenment ideas influenced colonists?

The Enlightenment was a major influence on the political ideas of the colonists who pushed for independence from Great Britain

What was the effects of the US threats to intervene in a border dispute between British Guiana and Valenzuela?

Great Britain accepted growing U.S influence in Latin American countries.

In what way did the battle of Tippecanoe help push the US toward war with Britain?

Britain proved to have great influence on the Tecumseh and the US did not want britain to have any power

Why did England change to great Britain?

because they they speak british

Why did they change England to Great Britain?

They didn't. England is a part of Britain. The other parts are Scotland and Wales.

What did England change its name to in the early 1700's?

Great Britain

Which European country was the first to change to urban industrialism?

Great Britain.

What is the United Kingdom often reffered to as?

Great Britain England and Wales form Britian. In 1707 Scotland joind with Britain to form Great Britain. Great that is in land mass, not in political power like all you Yanks think. After the Irish war of Independence in the 1920s Northern Ireland was joined with Great Britain to form the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is often refered to as the United KIngdom - not sure what else it could be called.

Was there foreign influence on the Battle of Gettysburg?

France and Great Britain both decided not to support the confederates after their loss in Gettysburg