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Q: How did the Age of Enlightenment affect the American british colonies?
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How did opposition to British tax policies affect the American colonies?

taxation without representation which caused the Revolution.

How did the ideas of the Enlightenment affect the American colonies and its people?

The grievances of American colonists reflected enlightenment ideas in that the American colonists refused to acknowledge that the monarchy was sovereign and the supreme law of the land. The colonists followed the enlightenment ideas that rights were natural and belonged to individuals at the moment of creation. This served as a basis of resistance to what the colonists believed to be tyranny and oppression.

How did salutary affect government in the English colonies?

The British policy of salutary neglect toward the American colonies inadvertently contributed to the American Revolution. This was because during the period of salutary neglect, when the British government wasn't enforcing its laws in the colonies, the colonists became accustomed to governing themselves.

How did land shortage affect the British colonies?


How did the enlightenment affect emerging intellectual life of American society?


How did the enlightenment impact both the American and French revolutions?

the enlightenment affect the revolutions in England and America by making them into wealthier states

How did the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening affect the thinking of the American colonists?

more educated

How did the increase in British imports to the colonies in the 1700s affect American culture?

The increase in British imports during the 1700s ensured that there was a lot of assimilation on the part of the Americans. A lot of the clothing that was common in Britain was transferred to the USA and America also gained from the raw materials that were available only in British colonies.

How did religious tolerance affect the American Colonies?

they spleed up

How did the American revenue act affect the relationship between England and the colonies?

How did the American Revenue Act affect colonial economies?

How did the French and Indian War affect the American colonists?

The war caused England a great amount of money. They taxed colonies without their opinion about it.

How did the War affect the American colonies?

king Georges war affected the colonies by not giving them any room