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How did the American Government try to assimilate the Native Americans?

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There were a number of ways. The very real threat of annihilation if Indians didn't become 'white'. The Indians were punished for speaking their own languages. They were persecuted for practicing their own religions. Children were routinely kidnapped and put in white schools and taught to hate anything Indian.

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How and why did the federal government encourage native Americans to assimilate?

The federal government made laws forcing Native Americans to learn English and speak only English. They trained Native American wives to be good and proper English housewives. They provided money and compliments for those who learned quickly and adjusted to the American ways. The American government did this because the American Government was against anyone being different than them. They wanted everyone to be the same as them because they were the "elite" people.

Why were Native Americans granted sovereignty?

To assimilate Native Americans to white culture. Dawes Act was also a factor.

How could the federal government have made the Dawes Act more successful?

by refusing to allow Native Americans to assimilate by making it illegal for Native Americans to sell their land to speculators by providing larger land parcels so the Native Americans could grow more crops by using land speculators as brokers between the government and Native Americans

Did Native Americans resisted the termination policy which sought to eliminate reservations and assimilate Native Americans into mainstream America?


What legislation attempted to assimilate Native Americans?

battle of rego and attas

What forced native Americans to assimilate into mainstream?

a big scary monster!

Who owns the northwest native Americans or the government?

Native American do because they were here first

What problems were caused by attempts to assimilate native Americans?

well first of all it caused the native americans to become aggressive further escalating the conflict.

Why did the us government force native Americans into reservations?

because they wanted the native american land for themselves

Should Native Americans be given greater credit for helping develop the theory behind the American system of government?

Almost all of the theory behind the American system of government was developed long before George Washington discussed it with Native Americans. The main Native American contribution was to show that such a government actually worked in practice for a secular government and not just for a religious one.

One goal of the American Indian Movement was?

Autonomy, or self-government, for Native Americans.

What is the Dawes Act and what was the purpose on American Indians?

The Dawes Act was supposed to assimilate the Native Americans into the white culture by breaking up their reservations and giving them individual tracts of land.

Are native American and north American the same?

No, while many who are Native Americans are, in fact, North Americans, there are very many who are North Americans, but not at all of Native American descent.

What did the Native Americans do at the Carmel Mission?

The Native American Indians had to live at Carmel Mission while the government was trying to contain all of the Native Americans on reservations. The Native Americans at the mission were treated very badly. They were beaten and starved. Many died.

How did the Dawes act try to assimilate the native Americans?

it was intended to encourage Native Americans to give up their traditional way of life and become farmers. some agreed and some resisted.

Why government wanted native American land?

The presence of Native Americans in the southeast stood in the way of westward expansion of the United States

What pieces of legislation served to break off the communal nature of Native American land ownership?

Native American groups were communal and Americans were very individualistic. The federal government sought to break Native Americans of their communal nature and force them to assimilate with the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887. The Act gave citizenship and 160 acres of land to the heads of households of individual Native American families or 80 acres to single adults or orphans. Adults could not gain full title to the property for 25 years. The Bureau of Indian affairs even sent Native American children to boarding schools to force assimilation.

Do African Americans have native American blood?

yes African Americans have native American blood they have 90 percent black African and 50 native American

What does it mean Native American?

native American means Native American Indians were first Americans

What was the Native Indian government like?

There are many separate Native American tribes, each with its own form of government. So you would need to ask about the government of a specific tribe of the Native Americans, not just "Native Indian government." If you meant India, the country, then you need to say that, and not "Native Indian."

How were the Native Americans treated by the Federal government after the Civil War?

How were the Native Americans treated by the Federal government after the Civil War?

How did the us government deal with native americans?

The US government shared with the Native Americans. They did this so that they could get land.

How is a african-American and native-American alike?

no, african americans and native americans are both different.

Why did American expansion make native Americans angry?

Because American settlers moved in native Americans territories.

Why did the American government want to remove native americans?

because they wanted more land and where mean and hatefull

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