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Q: How did the Americans use militia in the war?
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Which group of Americans supported France in its war with England?

the militia

Who fought in the Afghanistan war?

The war consisted of Americans and afghan freedom fighters vs Afghanistan militia the Taliban which was a very strict militia.

What did the militia act mandate?

That African Americans be accepted into the Union military Allowed African-Americans to participate as war laborers and soldiers

How did the Militia Act affect African Americans during the Civil War?

Go 2 google and google it.

Who warned the militia that the british were marching on concord?

Paul Revere and William Dawes were the two individuals that warned the American Militia that the British were coming. This was important to the Militia because this was the first military battle between the Americans and the British in the Revolutionary War.

Who fought with the British in war of 1812?

The British were fighting against the Americans on North America with the support of the Canadian militia men and the Indians

What happened at vincennes?

The Siege of Fort Vincennes occurred during the American Revolutionary War. It was a battle fought by Great Britain and Native Americans vs the Patriot militia, in February of 1779. The Patriot militia was victorious.

What is the antonym for militia?

War Army.

What was the Revolutionary War militia?


How do you use militia in a sentence?

Militia is civil soldiers. militia helps army when required.

At the start of the Revolutionary War who commanded militia forces from Massachusetts?

Benedict Arnold commanded the Massachusetts militia at the start of the Revolutionary War.

Did the Americans have a milita during the Revolutionary War?

Yes, very often, each town had some form of a militia and each colony had some form of a militia. Once the war broke out, most of these men were part of the army in some form or fashion, but those who did not go off to war often comprised the "civilian" militias.

Who formed a personal militia to fight the Native Americans?

Nathon bacon

Why did Native Americans wave the American flag when the militia attacked at the Sand Creek Massacre?

To show the attacking militia that they were friends of the white.

What was the militia during the American Revolution?

A militia is a volunteer army. I'm not sure which ones helped the Americans during the American Revolution, but i hope you know what a militia is now if you didn't know.

Did Americans commonly use forks before the civil war?

No. They did not use forks until after the civil war.

Why did native Americans wave the American flag when the militia attacked the Sand Creek Massacre?

to show the attacking militia that they were friends of the white - novanet

Soldiers in the civil war were often called the?


Who were the minutemenin the war in 1775?

They were American Militia men

Use militia in a sentence?

"People in a militia have no pay, i think," Frank said to his friend.

What weapons did the americans use in World War 2?


What weapons in world war 1 did the Americans use?

All of them

Two names for colonist who supported Americans during the revolutionary war?

A couple are: Patriots Sons and Daughters of Liberty Americans Rebels (by Britain) :-P I guess you could said minutemen or militia but... People of the Continental Congress

What problems did the Americans face in providing the necessary supplies and equipment for the war and paying for them?

Some problems Americans faced were not knowing the correct amount and support which was required by an army. They had no staff officers within the militia of any colony.

What is a sentence for militia?

A couple of men who were militias were told to fight in the Revolutionary War. In the US, the militia is entirely voluntary.