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for us ofcoarse, to kill the human race

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Who lived in anicent greek houses?

Ancient Greeks?? .......

What wouled anicent Greeks eat?

olives,bread and water

What type of clothes did the anicent Greeks wear?

they wore nothing but a head wreath and a cloth

Why did the anicent Greeks seek advice from oracles?

They believed that the gods would give them sage advice.

What was Ares weakness the anicent greek god of war?

He was a god, he didn't have "weaknesses". He was omnipotent in the minds of the Greeks.

Who was the wife of anicent roman god Uranus?

That was Caelus to the Romans, and Uranus to the Greeks; the answer is Terra Mater or Tellus.

Did the Greeks invent the train?

No, the Greeks did not invent the train. They knew of steam power, but lacked the advanced technology and the materials know-how needed to come up with a train.

Why do you think the Greeks defeated the Persians in this battle?

Which battle - there were many, but the Greeks won by superior strategies and tactics.

Did anicent Greeks celebrate Christmas?

The Ancient Greeks did not celebrate Christmas. Christmas is the commemoration of the Birth of Jesus and, as Jesus had not been born in Ancient Greek times, it was celebrated. Christianity had not been founded at this time.

What battle did Phillip the second defeat the Greeks?

Phillip II defeated the Greeks at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BCE.

What Battle gave the Greeks victory over the Persians?

The Battle of Marathon . This was a notable victory for the Greeks over the Persians .

First battle in which the greeks defeated the persians?

The first battle in which the Greeks defeated the Persians was known as the Greco-Persian Wars. The battle began in 499 BC and lasted until 449 BC with a victory by the Greeks.

Who won the battle at salamis?

the Greeks won the battle of Salamis.

Who won the battle of Platae.?

The Greeks won the battle of Platae.

Did the Greeks win the battle of Thermopylae?

They did not, the Persians won; the Greeks were WAAY outnumbered.

What battle did Philip the great defeat the Greeks?

philip did not defeat the greeks feyh9paqqh

When did the battle of marathon begin?

The battle of Marathon began in 490 BC. The battle took place between the Persian Empire and the Greeks. Eventually, the Greeks won the war.

What do you do to fighting the battle?

U have to train for the battle

Why did Greece win the battle of Salamis?

The Greeks won this battle (salamis) because they had smaller ships allowing them to be faster which is another reason why the Greeks won the war.

What are three things about anicent Egypt?

who ever three quenns in anicent egypt is lesliemayra and mlt214

What is the name of the place the Greeks defeated Persians?

Battle of Salamis and later at the Battle of Plataea

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