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The Articles of Confederation failed because it did not have the power to deal with an economic crisis.

The Articles of Convention failed, because the colonistas disagreed with them.

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Q: How did the Articles of Confederation fail and how did the founding fathers organize the new government the way they did?
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How did the Articles of Confederation organize the government?

sorry everybody, gonna have to wait a little.

Congress under the Articles of Confederation?

The first Congress after the Articles of Confederation were approved was in Albany, New York in 1754. Benjamin Franklin was a leader in trying to organize the Colonies into a workable group.

What event showed the weakness of the Articles of Confederation?

Shay's rebellion showed how Congress was unable to organize a military.

What was the purpose of the Articles of Confederation?

To provide a governing structure for the nation it provided the first set rules and organize the government for the United States of America. It was the first Constitution for the United States of America. Set up the form of the national government. To keep order in the government.

How did George Washington organize the work of the executive branch?

George Washingon organized the work of the executive branch by The Articles of confederation.

Congress could organize a national army?

The US Constitution states that Congress has the ability to organize a national army to protect the people and lands of the United States. This is a power that was not provided to Congress through the Articles of Confederation.

Can congress organize a national army under the articles of confederation?

Yes it can, but congress did not have the actual power to enforce its request for money or troops. basically although it did have the right, it lacked the power.

How does the constitution organize the government?

hoe does the constitution organize the government

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What individuals was a founding member of the sons of liberty and helped organize the Boston tea party?

Samuel adams

Why were attempts to organize a government in Kansas territory difficult?

It was difficult to organize Kansas, because of wars ^_^

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Who helped organize the California government?

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How did the southern colonies organize their government?

they died

Did Declaration of Independence occur second?

No, It actually was created third. It is not recognized that after the Articles of Confederation there was another try to organize the country. It was called the United States of America's Doctrine. It contained what the Declaration of Independence had, but lacked tweaks that 13 states opposed to. Hope this helps

What were strengths of the articles of confederation?

While the Articles of Confederation had many weaknesses, it was able to accomplish much. It held the states together until the Constitution was written. It developed a fair policy for the development of the western lands. The states ceded their claims to the lands west of the Appalachians to the central government. This helped forge a feeling of national unity and congress under the Articles enacted laws to organize the western territories and admit new states on an equal footing with the original states. The Articles successfully negotiated a peace with Great Britain ending the Revolutionary War. Congressional departments of Foreign Affairs, War, Marine, and Treasury were established, each under a secretary. This set the precedent for the creation of the executive cabinets under the Constitution. The Articles also encouraged cooperation among the states. Though not always successful, the Articles provided that each state gave "full faith and credit" to the legal acts of the other states.

After declaring independence how did the Americans organize their state sational government?

And national government

Why did the sncc organize sit ins?

To pressure the government to support civil rights

Who provides for a system of federal courts in the Judicial Branch of government?

Congress (Legislative Branch) is vested with the authority to establish "inferior courts" and to organize the federal court system under Articles I and III of the Constitution.

How does congress organize the government?

It doesn't. That's what a constitution does.

What branch of government has the right to organize militia?


What is a country struggling to organize its government?

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Where did Americans meet to organize a temporary government in?

In the House of Representatives?

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