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Assuming you mean the Catholic Church...

- Often served as the means of government, meaning it made the laws

- Provided path to heaven

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The Eddas (it's related to Norse Mythology, has nothing to do with the church)

Who were the church rulers and what influence did they have on the society?

Clearly, an important influence on society in the Early Middle Ages was the anarchy of the Age of Migrations. The Church was an important influence. Civilization of the Roman Empire was also important. The traditions of the Germanic tribes were a heavy influence in legal and political areas.

The Christian Church was probably the most important influence on the minds of medieval European people.

they influenced society and the way the people ran the government

Both ruled medieval life strictly and controlled the society.

The structure was The church The king Merchants Peasants Serfs

Emperor Constantine the Great, known for his hallucination-induced battlefield conversion to Christianity, made religious persecution illegal throughout the Roman Empire. This allowed Christianity to flourish and eventually become the dominant religion of western Europe. Because of Constantine, the Catholic Church established itself throughout the Roman world, and stayed there after the Empire fell. Medieval society was completely dominated by the church: cathedrals popped up everywhere, monasteries maintained and recorded history and scientific knowledge, and the Pope had as much influence of most kings. In short, Constantine influenced medieval society by handing the future over to the Christians.

Because of the harsh conditions of the medieval times people turned to the church because they only hoped to get to heaven, this caused the church to become powerful because it could influence the people.

Christian missionaries coming to Britain in the 6th century and 7th century brought with them Latin religious terms which entered the English language: abbot, altar, apostle. During this time, the Catholic Church had a monopoly on intellectual property in Anglo-Saxon society; in which they used to exert great influence on the development

The Pope's role in the Medieval society is to represent the spiritual authority of the Church and, later, the state authority, which was normally represented by a King or Emperor, but was changed with the argument titled the 'Doctrine of Swords', which claimed that the Pope had authority over both the church andthe state.

Under traditional Islam and medieval Christianity, the country was bigoted, misogynistic, and hectic.

The church influenced the entire society so all of the music and art had a religious theme.

It was the other way around. The merchant was affected by the church. The Catholic Church had control over the whole society as well as the monarchy. It told people what to do and set rules for society. Science was disallowed and considered wrong.

You probably mean the term indulgence. These were sometimes sold in medieval times.

Monks and nuns belonged to the Church, which was a separate class of society from all others. They were governed only by Church law, not by the king's law.

Medieval Society was more popular but more poor than modern society

Medieval Chronicle Society was created in 1999.

Catholicism has been shaped by a great deal of violence, restoration and corruption. The Church was not always serving only on the basis of religion and faith. Points in history demonstrates that power of the Church as a political force that had the potential to change society, influence people and prosecute with strict and at times deadly force.

"Social class" describes the levels of medieval society.

1. The church/clergy 2.. The Nobility 3. Serf/peasant

Before the Norman Conquest, almost the only English words of Latin origin were Church-related words. These included "bishop" from Latin "episcopus".

The knowledge of other cultures effected the medieval society. How it effected the medieval society is there other belief's, values, money and society. The beliefs what people had in different gods and Churches than the medieval society had. The different technology they used, the values what they give and how much money they had. This effected medieval society.

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