How did the Colorado avalanche get their name?

The Rocky Mountain News set up a phone number to call back in 1995 where people all over the area could call in and leave a message as to what the name of its new hockey team should be. When I heared these radio announcements they had a top 10 list with the Black Bears as being number 1. The rest of the names were even worse. The winter of 1994-95 in the area was littered with avalanches in which people were stuck in areas unable to get out due to roads shut down. "Avalanche" wasn't even on the top 10 list. I called the phone number one afternoon and left a message saying, "Avalanche should be the name of this team. Its in the true spirit and nature of Colorado and it just sounds plain awesome. Besides, Black Bears is the name of the University of Maine's championship hockey team. Its got to be Avalanche." The very next day, this radio station put "Avalanche" number 1 on the list. My name is Mike and I'm from Boston but I lived in Denver, Co 1994-95.